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Chair Rental

Why Chairs?

Chairs are an essential component of a formal dinner and can be used to show the status of the person in an event. For example. red cushion chairs representing the V.I.Ps and the normal PVC chairs for the public. Also, in an event. the Use of chairs makes the event a more comfortable event for say in a birthday party.

What is available?

PVC Chairs

These are the standard PVC chairs which has an ergonomic design no cushion and it comes in 2 colours, white or red they can also be stacked in order to save space.


Cushion Chairs

These Seats are relatively comfortable and is used in more formal events such as weddings or special birthday parties. They are more expensive though but more durable. They too can also be stacked 


Table Rental

Tables can be used in many occasions. Be it a formal dinner or a charity event. Tentage Rental Singapore provides a wide selection of tables which you can customize for your event. 

What is available?

Round Tables

These tables come in 4 different sizes and is easily mismantled and they are usually used in dinners. they come in 4tf,4.5ft, 5ft and 6ft.

Square Tables

These tables come in only one size which is 3ft x 3ft

Rectangular Tables

these tables come in only one size which is 2ft x 4ft.



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