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Event planning is a meticulous job and we suggest creating a checklist for every event. Every event is unique, no two events are the same. We are here to help you along the way.

Beach Solemnization with Floral Arch

Establish your event essentials

From pre-event to the actual day, things will undoubtedly be chaotic and stressful. Event planning is a meticulous job and we suggest creating a checklist for every event. Whether you are planning a wedding celebration or an Office related event. They both have their specific set of requirements and logistical needs.

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Date and Time and Location

Consider the pre-planning phase, contact vendors and communicate on the items needed. Research on venues and have an idea geographically to visualise the placement of your events. We usually recommend starting your prep at least 3 months away. This is to ensure that every vendor is able to meet your requirements for the event and they are able to soft book the dates.

A-Shaped Tent Wedding With Foliage and Fairy Lights

Event Type and Objectives

Are the clients looking to celebrate weddings or birthdays? Communicate with clients to meet expectations and design style. Individuality is to be the goal of the event. It is good to have reference pictures of what you want. This ensures any miscommunication between what you envision and what your vendors provide.

Beach Solemnization with Floral Arch

Design and focal point of event

This is the heart of event planning because it includes the event components that impact guests the most. Design the venue in accordance to the client’s expectation to produce the achievable results.

A-Shaped Tent with Fairy Lights and PA Systems

Build your Budget

After establishing your essentials, it is time to calculate the budget your client can offer. Start with the major categories such as, rentals and decorations. It is always better to have some leeway in your budgeting. After confirming all your vendors, always ensure that you are about 10-20% below the budget. This way, you have so allowance in the event you require last minute equipment.

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Vendor services and costs

Research on the vendors which provides you with the best service and cost possible. Communicate with your vendors and achieve the desired budget.

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Confirm your vendors and date to start

Place all deposits after confirming your vendors and they will be able to reserve the slot on your event day or make arrangements for them to set up early a day or two. After confirming your event. It is good to remind them about your event 1-2 weeks before your big day. Vendors are run by humans as well and they too can forget.

Void Deck Wedding With Dais and Meshed Backdrop

Plan out the decorations

Follow the event schedule, plan out the time needed to put up the decorations and the items needed. Verify the visual elements of the design and work with vendors on the supplies they are able to provide.

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Consider the unexpected

Take note on the directions to your event to prevent any delays for deliveries. Make sure the venue has an accessible place for vehicles to unload the items for your event. Often, vendors will charge additional especially if the setup or unloading is very far from your venue. Always ensure that there is a smooth route to your event location.

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As one of the vendors, Tentage Rental Singapore will provide the nessecities and execute your event effectively. Work together with us for an enjoyable experience, we have air coolers, tables, chairs, arches, backdrops and tentages. Learn more about the events you can create with the furnishes we provide!

Floral and Lace

Backdrops are an essential element that highlights the event’s decor and are a great way to complement the event theme.

Floral with Frame

What is a Backdrop?

A backdrop is a background setup that provides you with the perfect frame and instagram-worthy pictures for the two of you. They are usually made from hanging creative and colourful designs on the wall or structure to enliven your event.

DIY Balloon

D.I.Y Backdrops you can do at home!

Easily customize and personalize your backdrop for an amazing and creative touch to your events! Here are a few simple designs you can do at home.

Paper flower backdrops

Creatively arranging tissue paper flowers of different sizes and colours to form an abundance of colour for your altar.

Paper Honeycomb

Honeycomb globes

A great option for small spaces and used for other celebrations or all year round. Affixing them against a white wall creates a 3D effect.

Balloon Backdrop

Balloon Backdrop

This may be a substantial amount of work, cutting the balloon strings to various lengths and tie them to weights, creating a cost-effective way to perk up any setting.

Fence Backdrop

Professional Backdrops

Want something more flamboyant? Check out these designs created by professionals to suit your theme and venues.

Faux Floral

Faux Floral Backdrops

These elegant and bright backdrops brings a touch of life to any venue you choose. See how the ambience is enhanced with a dash of greenery and multi-coloured flowers!

Fairy Light Backdrop

Fairy Light Backdrop

Looking for something magical and enchanted? Look no further as fairy lights transform any venue to an extraordinary fairytale story!

Pure Meshed Backdrop

Meshed Backdrop

Meshed cloths and ribbons with tassels and faux flowers, these backdrops make your theme feel clean and graceful! Lighter notes are used to create a fresh and simple design.

Wedding Backdrop pink

Seek professionals like us for any extravagant and enchanting backdrops. It gives definition to spaces, incorporates your theme and enliven events! We will try within our best efforts to realise your dream event with our backdrops!

For backdrop rental for wedding decoration services, please take a look at our pages. We have affordable rates that won’t break the bank and great services.


Antigen Test Kit

What is Antigen Rapid Test (ART)?

The Antigen Rapid Tests (ART) are on-the-spot screening tests. They detect proteins in the virus and deliver results within 15 – 30 minutes and results will be valid for 24 hours at time of test.

Field ART Testing

What are the uses of ART?

ART is commonly used to diagnose respiratory pathogens, influenza viruses and respiratory syncytial viruses. They are relatively inexpensive and can be used at the point of care.

Airport ART Testing
Singapore uses ART for pre-event testing and companies for their workforces as routine rostered test (RRT). Some countries are further accepting the ART as a Fit-to-Fly certification.

Difference in ART and PCR

Differences in ART and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test

The PCR tests the virus itself and considered to be one of the most sensitive test. But the tests are to be done in sophisticated laboratory and results may take up to several days.


ART Testing


Different to PCR, ART finds antigen on the outer surface of the virus. They need not use sophisticated laboratory and can conveniently be done at home or outdoors.
While not as accurate as PCR testing. They provide us with the essential tools to address the pandemic rapidly.

Details of Different Tests

By today, we will be receiving the standard issue ART from our Convid-19 task force.
And to do our part in reducing transmission for mask-off activities. We provide the furnishes needed to make the regular testing more comfortable and effortless.

Outdoor Tent ART Test

Our portable tents provides spaces to cater for outdoor events. You can use our tents for weddings, construction, ART shelters and others.

BCA Requirements for Construction

Most companies are playing their part to help and keep us safe from this pandemic.
We too, lend a helping hand by creating spaces combined with facilities to enhance the ART routine.



ART Facility at Construction site

Services and Miscellaneous

Diesel purchase and delivery


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