Like it or not. COVID-19 has had a big impact in how companies and Singaporeans alike go about our daily lives. As of 28 March 2020, with reference from MOH. Singapore has 455 active cases and has its DORSCON level at Orange. There has also been many updates thus far with new regulations with an effort to stop the spread of the virus. For companies and businesses, there has been a need to form a first line of defence for patrons and workers entering the building. And as such has resorted to temporary means such as barricades, queue poles, tents and quarantine bays and even temporary toilets to segregate the well and the sick. Lets look at how you can also do your part and also ensure that your working staff does not fall to this virus and also to contain the spread if any.

Portable Tents

portable tent for  screening station

portable tent for screening station

3m x 4.5m temperature taking tent

3m x 4.5m temperature taking tent

A cost effective method that many companies are using is to use portable tents to setup their temperature taking stations. This solutions is much cheaper than the heavy duty tents yet is able to serve its purpose of screening staff and visitors before entering the building. Why most building or business owners do this is to save costs from engaging a disinfecting cleaning service which can often cost thousands in today’s landscape. Not only that, you also minimise the spread and can isolate the unwell before they enter the premise. Portable tents comes in different sizes but the ones we carry is 3m x 3m, 3m x 4.5m, 3m x 6m. When purchasing or renting a portable tent to form your screening station, it is important to check the type of cloth it uses. Most cheaper made portable tents are using 240D oxford cloth which is really thin and not durable. The thickness of the beams should also be considered as it will determine how sturdy the tent will feel. Due to the light weight nature of the tents, they require weights such as water weights or cinder blocks to weigh the tent down.

The portable gazebo tents for screening stations that we use are 1080D oxford cloth which offers much longer durability and has a beam thickness of 1.3mm. We also have water weights that fit perfectly to the tents, ensuring a seamless look.

3m x 6m tents for quarantine

3m x 6m tents for quarantine

Table and Chair Rental

Any screening booth is incomplete without the use of chairs and tables. depending on the duration your staff has to station at the booth, using quality cushion chairs and tables with covers will definitely improve the overall look of your screening booth. Your staff can also store items below the table without it looking messy due to the table cloth. 

Cooling solutions

If the screening is done at the car park or in the open. Your staff will definitely be in the sweltering heat. The use of either industrial standing fans or air coolers will be the affordable solutions in an outdoor setting. Air coolers use water to cool the air down. While not as effective as air-con, it still can produce 3°C-6°C degrees cooler air than the ambient temperature. 

industrial fans for temperature examination

industrial fans for temperature examination

Barricade and Queuing systems

If your building experiences high traffic, using barricades and queue poles to facilitate orderly queuing will definitely play a big park. In addition, queue poles and barricades can be used to block entrances/exit and funnel people towards the entrance. Lesser entrances means less manpower needed to man the stations.


Operating at night has its own disadvantages which includes the lack of light. We have high powered flood lights which can illuminate a large area. Alternatively, we also have portable lights that can be used in conjunction with our portable tents. These lights provide good illumination and 8-10hours of use.


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