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Tentage Rental Singapore has over 10 years of experience in the Tentage and equipment rental services. We understand your requirements and will do our best to exceed them.

Small. Medium or Large Events

Whether your event is small for a family gathering, medium size for a SME or large for the public, we have the logistics needed to make your event a success.

Tentage and Equipment for Rental

Tentage Rental

Party Tent with water weights at design orchard rooftop

Portable tents are the perfect solution for small-medium parties, gatherings and roof top parties where our heavy duty tents can’t enter. They are also commonly seen in bazaars or funfairs. Its a cheaper alternative to our Heavy duty tents!

Single sloping tent with lights and fans

Probably the most common tent, Single Sloping tents can be seen at our Pasar Malam to house booths, they are also a great option to place beside a building to extend the shelter. They can also be fitted with a lot of accessories to beautify and add function according to your needs.

Usually a combination of two single sloping tents, A shape tents are better at housing large groups of people based on your needs. Like single sloping tents and dome shape tents, they can also be fitted with many accessories such as aircon or inner lining for formal events. Talk to us about your event size and we will recommend you a size you need.

Dome tentage with rain curtains

Dome tents are usually used for larger events such as sit down dinners or large bazaars. The key difference between A-Shaped Tents and Dome tents is the ceiling height because of the Dome element, it has a more airy feel. Additionally, the breadth can be larger. Similarly, it can be fitted with accessories and even Aircon for formal events.

10ft x 10ft gazebo tent

The heavy duty brother of the portable tent, the gazebo tent is usually referred to the carnival tent due to the high protruding ceiling. They are commonly used as booths or as a make-shift store. They can be fitted with accessories as well for multi purposed use.

Aircon Tent with inner lining and carpeting

The highest form of comfort and luxury, Aircon tents usually cater to weddings, grand events and gala dinners. Due to the structure of the tents, there are no columns between the tent which makes it perfect for sit down dinners and formal functions. Add inner lining and beautiful linen and its no worse than a 5 star banquet hall.

Equipment Rental

The staple equipment for any event, We have a wide selection of chairs to fit any event. Whether you need the humble PVC chairs, Premium Cushion chairs, Stylish Tiffany Chairs or even Bar stools, We have a large selection of chairs that is sure to satisfy. Most of our chairs can also be fitted with chair covers for that extra premium look.

Tables are essential for any event. Select a wide range of different shapes and sizes for tables. We have square, rectangle or circle tables in different sizes and can be customised to have table cloth and skirting for a formal look.

Air cooler Large size

An event in a tropical island such as Singapore definitely requires good cooling solutions such as fans. We have a selection of either Air coolers which uses evaporated water or industrial standing fans to cool your participants down. Do note that our Fans require power and are not battery operated.

Exhibition carpet can change the feel and exquisiteness of any location. Our carpets come in many different colours and can be used to cover many difference surfaces. Most commonly, they are also used to cover our wooden floorings for a premium look and feel.

More than 500 events setup by us and over 10 years of experience

We have been working with SMEs and Government Sectors for events both big and small for the past 10 years. Our building practices are also in line with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) protocol. Work with a tentage rental company that can achieve the high satisfaction for your events.

Want to find out more about the equipment we carry? check out the list below

  • A-Shaped Tentage
  • Gazebo Tentage
  • Single Sloping Tentage
  • Roder Tentage
  • Air-Con Tentage
  • Transparent Tentage
  • Portable Tentage
  • Aeroplane-Shape Tentage

    custom sizes available

  • Cushion Chairs
  • PVC & Beach Chairs
  • 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft round & cocktail tables
  • Square, Rectangle tables
  • portable toilet & sink
  • Water Tanks
  • Stage and Back Drop
  • Queue Poles
  • Rostrum
  • Potted Plants

    and many more…

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Industrial Standing Fans
  • Air Coolers & Air-Con Systems
  • Florescent & Spot Lights
  • Stage Lighting
  • Fairy Lights and Coloured Bulbs
  • Generators in Different Sizes
  • Power Distribution Boxes

    and many more…

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