Quotations are Sent Quick

Whether you have a last minute event or a huge event that needs our outmost attention, we will be quick to respond to your queries. Even on weekends.

Years of Experience

Tentage Rental Singapore has over 10 years of experience in the Tentage and equipment rental services. We understand your requirements and will do our best to exceed them.

Small. Medium or Large Events

Whether your event is small for a family gathering, medium size for a SME or large for the public, we have the logistics needed to make your event a success.

More than 500 events setup by us and over 10 years of experience

We have been working with SMEs and Government Sectors for events both big and small for the past 10 years. Our building practices are also in line with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) protocol. Work with a tentage rental company that can achieve the high satisfaction for your events.

Contact us to get your event started

If you have any questions on how to plan your event or if you would us to compare the price you got from your quotation with ours, just let us know via the contact us form here.

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