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Custom Logo design or prints available

Rostrum Rental has never been easier. We offer modern and sleek designs that are available in a few colours. You can also customise the rostrum with your company logo, slogan or Name to make it more personalised and appropriate for the evnt. Whether you are organising a corporate seminar, wedding ceremony.

We also pride ourselves  in providing you the full spectrum of services. Whether you need accompanying chairs and tables, Fans, Aircon or air coolers, or Stages or PA systems to pair with the rostrum.

Do you need other equipment? Here are some common equipment our clients rent along with our Rostrums.

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Rostrum Rental Services

Colour availability: White or Translucent Acrylic

Dimensions: Please refer to photos below for the dimensions for each part


$250 based on 1 day rental

multiple day rental will be more affordable

*please note rostrum does not come with a microphone stand

Rostrum Customisation

The procedures for customising a rostrum is simple. Simply provide us with a Adobe Illustrator(AI) file of the Logo or design you would like us to print. We will then print either a matte or gloss finishing in a form of a diecut sticker so that it will fit perfectly to our rostrum’s dimensions. Becuase of the colours available. Your logo or print design will fit perfectly to the contours of the Rostrum. Providing you with a personalised look for your corporate event.

Steps to follow

  1. Provide us with AI File
  2. Choose between Glossy or Matte
  3. Review size
  4. Installation done by our crew on day of event
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