Wiring Rental

Wiring is an integral component for any event or function. Because powerpoints are usually fixed at one location, it is essential to have additional wiring to extend your electrical reach. Whether you require industrial CEE wiring or DB boxes, 13 amp powerpoints or junction box to multiply the amount of electrical equipment on one line. We also have cable ramps that protect your wiring especially if its going across a road or a location with heavy traffic.

5m long CEE extension cables

Mainly more for industrial cabling, our 5m CEE extension cables uses the CEEform standard female and male heads for IP67 water resistant connection.

This allows you to extend the length of the cable indefinitely to the location that you desire.

16amp 5m cable
13ampere powerpoint

16amp to 13amp weatherproof powerpoint

The industrial standard instead of household extension plugs, the 16amp to 13amp weatherproof powerpoint is the perfect solution especially for outdoor events. The casing prevents water from seeping through even if you want to connect your household appliances to the circuit. The two way gang also allows you to attach additional cables onwards to add more appliances to the circuit.

16amp to 13amp male 3m cable

if you only have a 13 amp powerpoint available, you can use the 16amp to 13 amp male cable that we have. Easily connect your equipment to Singapore’s standard UK adaptor

3pin plug extension 3m
cable ramp 3 way

Cable Ramp (3 way)

Usually an essential item for safety requirements, Cable ramps are a great accessory not only to protect your wiring against human traffic as well as vehicle crossings. Each cable ramp allows for 3 way cable and is 1m in length. They can be joined together, forming a chain that can protect the cables from the elements and also as a safety feature.

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