Portable Toilets

A necessary item for your event especially if the nearby toilets are far away or you need to cater to a large crowd. Mobile toilets serve as a necessity especially for duration that spans over a few days or if your event draws a large crowd. We have provided toilets for events such as runs, exhibition, Construction Sites as additional toilets for personal events. We also do rental of other items such as Tents and tables and chairs.

There are a few different types of portable toilets in our inventory:  portable chemical toilets, executive portable toilets and Premium Container sized toilets.

Portable Toilets

These toilets are self contained and has all the equipment needed to last for a few days. It comes with chemicals that neutralise any foul smell, toilet paper as well as a water pump to wash your hands. The toilet also comes with a lamp but requires a 13amp powerpoint. Flushes and hand wash is good for about 40 pax before it requires a top up of liquids.

Manhole toilet

If you are expecting a large amount of guests and need sewerage and water supply. A great option will be out Manhole toilet which connects to a water point as well as the sewerage. There is also a light available which requires a 13amp powerpoint.