Lights Rental

Lights, the key item for changing the mood and feel of the event at night, lights are essential for any dim-lit environment. It can also be used to beautify the location with the use of fairy lights or coloured bulbs. We have a large range of lights ranging from your traditional fluorescent lights for general lighting. Spotlights which is used for high ceilings or to increase the amount of illumination in the tentage. Fairy lights to set a dim but pleasant lighting or colour bulbs for a festive event. For more information on our full list of lights available, please refer to the writeups below.

Spotlight Rental

Usually used for tentages with higher ceilings or if your event requires higher intensity of light on a certain area, Spotlights are essential if you need to place focus on a certain area. It emits a strong beam of light that will brightly illuminate a small portion. usually used for stages, these are essential if you need to draw focus or for A/V purposes. We use Cree powered LED lights which are extremely bright and have great heat management. Our lights range from 50w to 300w depending on your needs. Most occasions only require 100w and below for adequate brightness.

Fairy Lights Rental

Used to brighten up the decor or to set a calming mood, string lights, also known as fairy lights are 21st century’s most popular light to incorporate into any events. They can be used in many applications and is also portable. We have both batteries operated fairy lights as well as long fairy lights exceeding 100ft that is powered using an AC source. They are most frequently used for night events such as weddings and is commonly used to drape along our dome shape tents or A shape tentages to form an elegant lighting solution.

Portable Lights

Normally used in conjunction with our portable gazebo tents, our portable lights provide an elegant, bright and wireless solution for outdoor events where there is a lack of power source. The lights can last 5-8 hours on a single charge and can be easily charged using micro-USB. The light comes in two different brightness setting and also a SOS mode.

You can mount this light on any area which can support a hook or you can always cable tie these light to anywhere needed.

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