Charges for Portable Gazebo Tents

dimensions: 3m x 3m   White or Blue Colour Only

4 Tents and below


5 Tents and above


Water Weights (Highly Recommended)

$5/each. $20 for all side coverage

Delivery – $70-$90 depending on quantity

Portable Tent

Portable Tents or also known as Ez tent is a popular choice for small events and gatherings. They are usually used as party tents and can be easily decorated or just a temporary shelter against the elements, Portable gazebo tents are essential for any kind of outdoor events. Not only are they very portable, they cost much lesser than our gazebo tentages to set up. The main difference between the gazebo tentage and the portable tents are that the gazebo tents have a much sturdier and stronger construction due to the thick beams. Portable tentages, on the other hand, should only be used at locations where the wind isn’t that strong and for temporary use. They are slightly shaky when rocked and should not be used for heavy-duty use. This is due to the fact that poles are much thinner and weaker which is also the trait that makes them portable. Our tentages can be combined to form a larger tent and to also increase the stability of the tent. We usually use sandbags, water weights or other forms of weight to secure the bases of the tentage. This way, it gives it more stability against strong winds and also adverse weather conditions. If you would like to rent for a long duration or would like to purchase. please contact us at our email or the easy call buttons above.

Pair with our Tables and Chairs and Fans

No event is complete without some chairs and tables to house your guests. Choose from our wide range of chairs such as PVC chairs, Tiffany chairs and Cushion chairs and tables with different length and shapes. You will be spoilt for choice with the variety we have. Suitable for any kind of event. If you are worried about the tropic heat, rent a few of our industrial standing fans or air coolers. These are industrial sized to ensure that maximum cooling effort is present. if you are not sure what equipment should be recommended, feel free to contact us directly through WhatsApp or Call, our friendly staff will recommend you on the appropriate number and type of equipment to rent.


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