Projector and Screen Rental

Projector Rental

Projector Rental

Quality 1080p Epson Indoor/outdoor projector with 3200 lumen max output.

HDMI, Wireless LAN or VGA input.

Package comes with stand so that you do not need to use a table or chair to prop up the projector

Rental Rates

$100 per day*

$130 with 100 inch indoor projector screen

*Includes simple setup

*Price does not include 2-way delivery ($100)

*outdoor use limited to dim lighting and locations with no wind

Screen Rental

100 inch 2 legged screen is suitable for indoor and light outdoor use. it comes with 2 sets of legs for maximum stability and to minimize wind that might make the screen sway side to side.

The screen is a pull up screen and can be easily setup by one person.

Rental Rates

$30 per day*

*Cannot be rented as an individual item. Must be paired with projector. If not the price of rental is $70.

*outdoor use limited to locations with minimal to no wind.

100 Inch Screen

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