Wedding Arch Rental

Wedding Arches symbolises the beginning of a couple’s life together. Additionally, with modern designs and styles, Wedding arches are now a great photographic centre piece especially during receptions or solemnizations.
Choose from our curated set of ready designs or create a style yourself!

Wedding Arches- Curated by Us

Choose from our design or improve further from it. We have a large selection of designs, shapes and colourful themes to go with. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Alternatively you can custom make your wedding arch, just the way you want it.

Design one Yourself!

Choose the Shape of the Frame

You can choose different sizes and shapes available. We currently have the following designs in gold colour

  • Circular Arch
    • 2.8m High and 3.2m Wide
    • 2.2m High and 2.8m Wide
  • Rectangular Arch
    • Customizable between m high and m wide

Faux Flower Design

Choose from our faux flower design. We have many different colours to suit almost any theme.

Fabric Lace

We have 3 different colour laces available for selection:

  • White
  • Champagne rose
  • Pink

Services and Miscellaneous

Diesel purchase and delivery


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