Equipment Rental

Our Equipment Rental can be done in conjunction with your tentage or as a standalone. We have a large range of equipment ready for rental in 1-week notice. If you have any last minute request, you may also contact us directly at our hotline 98253390. Do use the tabs below to search for the type of equipment you need. If the item is not in the list below, you may also check with us for ready stocks.

Types of Chairs

  1. PVC Chairs (red/blue/white)
  2. Cushion Chairs (red/blue)
  3. Bar stools
  4. Beach Chairs
  5. Aluminum Chairs with Armrest
  6. Wooden Stools
  7. Platic Foldable Chairs (white/black)

Accessories for the Chairs

  • Chair Covers
  • Cloth Ribbon

Types of Tables

All tables are made from a wooden top and metal base

  1. Square Tables (3ft)
  2. Rectangle Tables (2ft x 4ft)
  3. GS table (2ft x 6ft)
  4. Round tables (3ft-10ft)
  5. Coffee Table (3ft low aluminum table)
  6. Cocktail Table (aluminum high table)

Accessories for tables

  • Table cloth (red, white, black.. etc)
  • Table Skirting (red,blue)

Types of Fans

  1. Industrial standing fans
  2. Industrial pillar mounted fans
  3. 16 inch rotating ceiling fans
  4. 3 blade ceiling fans
  5. Air-coolers
  6. domestic fans

Item needed for fan operation

  • Available power source


  • Generator

Types of Lights

  1. 4ft Weather proof fluorescent lights
  2. Spotlight
  3. Mercury spotlight
  4. Fairy lights
  5. Christmas light set

Item needed for lights operation

  • Generator


  • Power source

Air-Con Accessories

  1. Standalone units (5hp, 10hp)
  2. portable aircon units (1.2hp)
  3. Self contained units (10hp, 30hp)
  4. Air Chiller with climate control

Item needed for Air-con operation

  • Generators
  • Sealed Tentage
  • Aluminum Doors
  • Lights
  • Flooring (carpet optional)

Generator Sizes and DB Boxes

  1. 5kVA Generator with Wheels
  2. 13kVA Generator with Fencing
  3. 25kVA Generator with Fencing
  4. 45kVA Generator with Fencing
  5. 60kVA Generator with Fencing
  6. 100kVA Generator with Fencing
  7. 125kVA Generator with Fencing
  8. 150kVA Generator with Fencing
  9. 220kVA Generator with Fencing
  10. 300kVA Generator with Fencing
  11. 400kVA Generator with Fencing
  12. 500kVA Generator with Fencing
  13. 600kVA Generator with Fencing
  14. 800kVA Generator with Fencing
  15. 1100kVA Generator with Fencing
  16. 1250kVA Generator with Fencing
  17. 1500kVA Generator with Fencing

Accessories for the Generator

  • 100litre petrol tank
  • Cabling
  • 63 Amp SwitchBox/DB-Box
  • 100 Amp SwitchBox/DB-Box

Stage Accessories

  1. Carpet
  2. Staircase
  3. Skirting
  4. Backdrop
  5. Microphone
  6. Speaker set
  7. Sofa
  8. Rostrum
  9. Plague stand

Item needed For Stage equipments

  • Power source


  • Generator
  • Image for backdrop

Types of Flooring and carpet

  1. New or used carpets (any colour)
  2. wooden plank for flooring

Types of Barricades

  1. Queue poles with tape (red/blue)
  2. Concrete Slabs (80kg, 250kg, 1000kg, 3000kg)
  3. White picket fence
  4. Silver barricade
  5. Construction Barricade (with water)

Types of Sanitary

  1. Mobile Toilet (Chemical)
  2. Mobile Toilet (Manhole)
  3. washing sink (6ft)
  4. Piping
  5. 1000 litres water tank

Types of A/V Equipment

  1. Speaker set
  2. Microphone (wired/wireless)
  3. Mixer
  4. Stage lights

Items Needed for A/V Equipment

  • Generator


  • Power source

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