Flooring and Carpeting

Most tentages are erected either on concrete flooring or on a grass patch. As such, flooring and carpeting is usually needed to level the ground throughout the area of the tentage. Do note that if you intend to hold your event on a grass patch managed by the government or private entity, you might need to proportion a budget for us to regrow the grass. Do seek advice from the property/owner of the land before deciding to erect and place wooden flooring on grass patches.

Flooring Process

Our flooring process starts by making such the entire area is leveled. This is done by stacking wooden slates and wooden planks to cover uneven ground. After which, wooden planks will be used to cover the area of the tentage or event. Lastly, additional reinforcements are made in areas where needed. Wooden flooring is essential especially during monsoon seasons or to prepare in the event of rain as the grass area beneath your tentage can still get soaked from the rain.


Depending on the prestige of the event, carpeting might be needed to make the floor more presentable. Our wooden planks can come in many different shapes and sizes and carpeting can mask all the corners and edges of the wooden planks. We have a wide range of colours available for the carpeting and comes in either used carpets or brand new carpets. Carpeting is a good insulator of sound and that helps to reduce the amount of vibration and noise when people are moving around. For more information on the different carpeting materials we have, email us today.

Wooden Flooring

Our wooden flooring gives your visitors a sturdy surface to walk on and helps to cover uneven grass patches. In the event of rainy weather, the wooden flooring also prevents the floor area of your tentage from getting soaked.


Carpets are dual purpose for wooden floorings. Firstly, they help to cover the uneven colour and looks of the show floor. In addition ,they also act as a sound insulation; Reducing the amount of vibration as well as noise when people walk over the surface. Our carpets come in many different sizes and condition. Brand new and slightly used.

Our slightly used option will cost significantly lesser than brand new carpeting. As such, our advice would be to only use brand new carpeting on specific areas such as V.I.P areas or at a showcase.

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