Industrial fan and Air Coolers

Industrial Fans, Air Coolers

25″ Industrial Standing Fans Rental

Each Fan costing based on 1 day rental


*Delivery Charges for within Singapore main island less CBD area


 Cable Length – 2.5m-3m

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Industrial fan rental

Industrial Standing Fans

The humble but essential equipment for any event. Built with a larger diameter of 25 inches and larger blades than traditional household fans, these industrial fans are about 50% stronger than your average fan which is perfect for Singapore’s weather. For a simple illustration, the speed 3 on your household fan will probably have 80% strength of the speed 1 on the industrial fan. Our industrial fans come with 3 different speeds that you can tailor on the motor itself. It can be connected using the traditional power outlet plugs or a weatherproof connection. They have a heavy base as well which makes they extremely durable and heavy duty for warehouse use or for events.

Besides rentals, We also allow for the purchase of our fans. However, do note that we have both brand new fans and used fans so be sure to specify which you need.

Air Coolers for quarantine area-covid19

Air Cooler

Evaporative coolers, also known as air coolers are the ultimate when it comes to nonair-conditioned cooling. They are much more effective than your traditional fans because it cools down an area through the evaporation of water. It is slightly different from air condition systems where it uses vapor compression. Although air coolers consume more energy than industrial standing fans, they are more effective in cooling down an area. The air cooler’s output can be 3°-5° cooler than the surrounding area.

While providing more than sufficient cooling, air coolers are bulky and hard to transport around. As such, they should only be used for larger scale events where there is ample space to install. There is also a need to top up the included water tank, so be sure to top it up with cool water in order to fully experience the effectiveness. Air coolers also have built in air filters that ensures good filtration of any dirt or dust in the air.

The measurement of the capacity is determined by m³/h. We recommend the use large air coolers upwards of 10000m³/h for the best effects for outdoor events.

Charges for Air coolers

Medium Air cooler (13000m³/h)


Large Air cooler (18000m³/h)


*Delivery Charges for within Singapore main island

*rates based on 1 day rental

 Cable Length – 2m

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Air cooler

Medium Air Cooler


Large Air Cooler


Floor blower

Floor blowers have the sole purpose of keeping the floor dry especially for key areas such as bathrooms, shower areas or anywhere that needs to be kept dry. Our floor blowers are powered using 240v socket and can be rented for a short or long term.

Floor Blower Front View

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