Fan Rental

Probably the most important item for any event or function, fans are an absolute must for events in Singapore. We have a large selection of fans for different purposes with the intention of either cooling down an area or to keep a particular space dry by the use of a floor blower. Our fans need to be powered either via a generator or by a power source. For HDB estates or government-owned properties, you have to seek approval before you can plug into their power source.

Industrial Fans

One of the most popular items we have for rental is our industrial fans. Built with a larger diameter and larger blades than traditional household fans, these industrial fans are about 50% stronger than your average fan. Our industrial fans come with 3 different speeds that you can tailor on the motor itself. It can be connected using the traditional power outlet plugs or a weatherproof connection.

Tentage Attachment

There are a few types of fans that can be attached to tentages so it doesn’t take up your space on the group. Ceiling fans are the most basic while the 3 bladed fans provide more efficient cooling. For tentages with more pillars, you can also opt for pillar mounted industrial fans.

In most cases, rotating fans which are smaller are used for A shape tentage or gazebo tentages which tends to have a lower ceiling while 3 bladed fans are meant for dome tentages which tends to have a higher ceiling. That said, you can always arrange for a site visit for us to take a look at your location so we can determine what type of fans is suitable for your event