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A-Shaped Tentages is of the more popular and affordable option of tentages. You can commonly find them in many small and medium sized events. This includes Flea markets, Bazaar or road shows. Our A-shaped tentages can also be customised to have many fittings and equipments such as fans lights or beautified using inner linings and pillar wraps. The possibilities are endless.

A-Shaped Tentage

A-shaped tentage as the name implies is a tentage formed in a shape of the alphabet “A”. It is one of the most popular tentages and is very commonly used for small to medium events. It is actually a combination of two single sloping tentages. It can be used for many different functions such as a walkway, main event tent, carpark shelter, bazaar events such as flea markets or night markets or even for weddings or formal events. We have ever had instances where the tent was used for marine construction to shade the workers for a long term solution or to store items as a storage space.

Usually, Our tents are good to be used as a standalone product. However, due to the versatility of our tents, it can be fitted with lights, chairs, fans, tables, rain covers or other equipments for your event. If you need electricity supply, we even provide diesel generators for your event.

Formal Events

Our Tentages can be beautified using several methods including pillar wraps and inner lining for the ceiling. This improves the overall look and feel of the place and covers all metal poles or struts jutting out of the tentage. We can also customise the canvas roof to fit any colour of your selection.

Standalone Tentage

Because of the Sharp downward shape of the tentage, A-shaped tentages are usually standalone tentages and have a limitation to the size, as such, if you are looking to hold a big event, it is more advisable to use an aeroplane shaped tentage. Aeroplane shaped tentages are a combination of a classic dome shaped tentage and 2 single sloping tentages on each sides.


A shaped tentages are one of the most popular option compared to the other types of tentages as it is cheaper to rent. It also requires lesser time to erect and tear down hence the price difference.

Equipment Rental to Pair with the Tentage

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