Wedding Decoration

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transparent tentage with fairy lights

Wedding Decorations

A wedding is a joyous occasion where friends and family are gathered together to celebrate a couple’s vow in marriage. No reception or ROM is complete without some wedding decorations! We have a wide selection of accessories that are perfect for Wedding table decorations, venue decorations, or proposals

Fairy Lights

One of our highest demand are fairy lights setup for the venue or in conjunction with our wedding arches. Fairy lights add a soft magical feel to the venue and also on photos. Unlike battery operated fairy lights, our lights are 300m in length which can be used in a myriad of applications. The general guideline for fairy lights are.. the more the better. Trust us on this when we say nothing ruins the feel of fairy lights when it is used in small quantities.

Floral Arrangements

Wedding receptions or ROMs aren’t complete without a little floral arrangement. We use Faux flowers because they are more economical as a 1 time use and we can carry this savings to the couple. Our faux flowers come in a set and are cleaned and sanitized before every event, Ensuring clean and bright looking flowers every event.

Wedding Arch

A wedding arch is a symbolic design piece that is used as a center focal point. It symbolizes the beginning of a couple’s life together in matrimony. Our wedding arch aims to complement the couple with the use of different materials and accessories. We use a combination of faux flowers, fabric mesh drapes as well as the arch itself in different shapes and colours to match the theme of the wedding reception or ROM. Wedding arches can also be used as a photo backdrop as well.

our arches can also create a “Tunnel of Love”. This decoration theme combines a few arches coupled with floral decorations, fairy lights as well as fabric mesh to create a whimsey fairytale feel to the wedding. Its truly the pinnacle of a wedding march in when you are walking together with your loved one underneath the tunnel.

Circle Arch with flower and lace
Backdrop with Fairy Lights

Wedding Backdrop

Wedding Backdrops are a common sight for wedding receptions or ROMs. They are usually used as a center piece such as a wedding arch or as a photo booth area where guests can take picture perfect moments to commemorate the event.

Our backdrop can be tailor made. Whether you want to pair it with fairy lights, fabric mesh cloth or even floral arrangements, it can be done according to your specifications. If you need some examples of what we can do and the different floral and fabric mesh cloth we have, do contact us via whatsapp and we will assist you in creating your dream backdrop

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