Stage Rental

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Red stage with front stairs

Stage Rental

Stages are a great centerpiece for any event. It gives people a focus to look upon. When selecting an appropriate size for your stage. It is important to note the following

  • Size of the stage. Stages are not cheap to rent, as such, choosing an appropriate size ensures you don’t waste your money on a stage that is too large. As such, knowing how many people will be on the stage is important Our stages come in multiples of 8ft x 4ft As such, our stages will have measurements in that multiple. For example, 8ft x 8ft, 8ft x 16ft, 8ft x 24ft, 12ft x 16ft, etc..
  • Colour of the carpet and skirting. Match the colour with the theme of your event. If its a wedding, people will usually go for white. for formal events, you might want to consider black, red or blue
  • Height of the stage. Select an appropriate stage height. Height is calculated in terms of Feet(ft). If you do not have a large audience, you might want to go for 1ft-2ft. If you are addressing a large crowd (500++), you’ll want to get a higher stage (3ft-4ft). This way, people at the back will be able to see you
  • Backdrop Needed? If you are holding a large corporate event with sponsors, you might want a backdrop to display the name of your event with the event sponsors or title of the event. Remember that you can also decide the height of your backdrop.

Now that you know what you need to rent a stage. Contact us directly. We also have other equipment you can pair your stage with. From PA systems to tables and chairs for your audience, give us a call to get started.

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