Aircon Tentage

If you are already certain that you want an Air-con Tentage and have an itemised list of equipment needed, email us for a quotation.

Air-con Tentages, the highest comfort in tentages available, consists of a sealed tentage with air-con units to cool down the area within. Mostly used for high budget events such as car shows, fashion shows or dinner events. Because of the amount of equipment needed, air-con tentages tend to be relatively expensive. However, when compared to renting a similar fixed space, the price can be comparable.

Air con Tent Rental

An air-con tentage consists of air-con units, a sealed tentage and other equipment to cool down the space within the tentage. The type of tentage you can use varies and can be fitted according to your event needs. Most clients use air-con tentages for premium exclusive events such as fashion shows, gala dinners, or premiere events such as car shows or an exclusive launch. Air-con Tentages is a popular alternative to fixed spaces because you can customise the space you need easily. In addition, it still provides you the comfort and the exquisite feel you want for your event.


Because of how intricate an air-con tentage is, it requires a lot of accompanying equipment to seal the tentage. You will need side canvas covers to seal all the openings, a formal entrance by means of aluminum doors, flooring and carpeting, air-con units as well as a big power source using generators.

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