Chairs and Table Rental

Do you need tables, chairs or other furniture urgently or other tentage equipment. We can deliver within 3 hours of your confirmation.


Chairs Rental

We have a wide selection of chairs available in any quantity. Whether for a formal event such as a wedding, a small gathering, a one day event. We even handle purchases in small or large quantities. If you do not see what you need in the list, or need any help with a recommendation based on your event, please email or contact us.

  1. PVC Chairs (In any colour)
  2. Cushion Chairs (Blue/Red)
  3. Aluminum chairs with armrest
  4. Bar stools ( to pair with cocktail tables)
  5. Wooden stools
  6. Foldable chairs (White/Black)

Check out our Chair Rental page for a full list and picture of what is available


  • Seat cover (fit PVC and Cushion chairs)
  • Ribbon (for PVC  and Cushion Chairs)

*Our prices include the service of fitting these accessories on as well.

Tables Rental

Tables are essential for any event. Whether it is to display items for a store,display presents at a party or even for formal ceremonies such as weddings. They can be tailored to fit nicely into any event with our added accessories. We have a large range of sizes available. if you need a custom size or particular colour of cloth, we can fabricate and cater specially for your event. Email or call us to find out more.

All tables are made from a wooden hardwood top and a metal base with at least 4 legs.

  1. Square tables (3ft x 3ft)
  2. Rectangle tables (2ft x 4ft)
  3. GS table (2ft x 6ft)
  4. Round tables (3ft-5ft)
  5. Coffee table (2ft,60cm X 70cm low aluminum table)
  6. Cocktail table (2ft, 60cm X 110cm aluminum high table)
  7. Ceremonial tables (2ft x 4ft with skirting, table cloth)

Check out our full list of rentals available for tables with pictures as reference

Accessories for Tables

  • Formal Tablecloth (in many designs and colours)
  • Table Skirting (red/blue/black/custom)
  • Turntable Lazy Mary
  • Centrepiece

Services and Miscellaneous

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