Portable Aircon Rental

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If your aircon has just broken down or you are looking to cool an area down. Portable aircon rental is definitely the best solution. With ample cooling capabilities similar to your house aircon(9000btu & 12000btu).

We use reputable brands such as Midea. To determine how many units you require, 9000btu is ample for a standard sized HDB/Condominium room. For living rooms, consider getting 2 units to provide ample cooling. for larger rooms such as the old HDB room sizes or landed properties, using the 12000btu will be the best choice.

Do note though that all portable ac units require a outlet to vent the warm air that takes place during the heat exchange. Hence you will need either a slightly opened window/doorway or false ceiling to vent out the warm air.

Portable Aircon 1

Portable Aircon Rental

Midea Aircon Rental

9000Btu Aircon Rental

$120/unit for 1 day rental

12000Btu Aircon Rental

$140/unit for 1 day rental

*2 way Delivery charges


*Cable length – 2m
*Hose for hot air output – 2m. If you require it to be longer, please inform us and we will provide a custom solution

*For multiple days, please let us know how long you require them and we will quote you accordingly. The longer you rent, the more affordable it will be.

Large Portable Aircon Rental

30000Btu Portable Aircon Rental - Front view (2)

30,000BTU (3 hp) Portable aircon Rental

If your high powered aircon has spoilt for your shop, office or industrial area. Chances are you are going to need a portable aircon like this.
Our portable aircon pushes about 30000btu. Which is as powerful as 4 HDB/condominium sized room aircon. This makes it a good replacement or alternative for large living spaces such as cafes, restaurants, industrial areas with high ceilings or houses with large spaces.
We highly recommend a separate PowerPoint for each aircon to prevent overloading of the electrical circuit


Power rating: 30,000btu

Plug: normal 13amp household Plug

Dimensions:540 x 695 x 1140

Wattage: 2700w

Noise Level: 50-60dB (based on different wind speed)

Event Aircon Rental above 5hp

3hp aircon in a tentage

High powered Aircon Systems

5Hp – 10Hp Standing Aircon Systems

If you have an event which required high powered aircons, We have various high horsepower aircons available for rental. While your house aircon has a Horsepower rating of 1.2hp usually. Our high powered aircon’s vary between 3hp – 10hp.

They require higher ampere rating (32 amp 3 phase power) and also require ample space to hold the condenser unit as well as the blower unit.

Kindly note that these high powered air conditioning units are exclusive for use with our Tentages.

Please contact us separately for a tailored quotation.

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