Generators are the only other solution if you do not have an electrical outlet to draw power from. Our generators produce electricity by running a motor to convert kinetic energy into electricity, as such if your event is for more than 1 day, chances are you will need petrol top-up services. Our generators go from 25kva for simple small events to the largest 120kva generators. All our generators come with fencing to prevent anyone from going near them and the models we carry are the silent variants. If you are not sure how much power you need, just inquire with us and we will be able to advise you the correct generator for the job. We also have Db boxes available for rental especially if you need to control the isolate the electrical power at any given point. Do take note that due to the size of our generators, The setup location needs to be able to accommodate our lorry which comes equipped with a mobile crane.

Our other products also include DB boxes to convert the higher ampere into the ampere needed to power your devices or the equipment within the tentages such as the lights and fans. Our equipment is all weatherproof so it can be used in outdoor settings and We also include cables as well as powerpoint for you to plug your regular household appliances for use.

Most generators require a LEW drawing for use in public spaces due to safety. We provide this service as well and can be arranged upon request.

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