Air Cooler Rental

Experience Superior Cooling

Air coolers have been prove to work better than traditional fans. Lowering the ambient temperature by 3°c-6°c

Powered by water

Our aircoolers come with large water tanks so you need minimal maintenance

Suitable for small or large events

Whether you are having a small personal event or large scale events. We have different sizes to suit your needs.

cool your guests with our evaporative air coolers for rental. Do away with the traditional fan which circulates the ambient temperature. Air coolers are much more effective than fans in cooling capabilities for outdoor settings. Air coolers utilizes a fan and water to lower the temperature of the wind it blows out. They consume also much lesser energy than air conditioners and are extremely easy to install and maintain. For more information on rental price or purchase. Please view the products below or contact us directly. We strive to offer you near immediate replies on WhatsApp or calls.

Large Air Cooler Rental

18000m³/h capacity, 100litre water tank, 2m cable


*Delivery Charges for within Singapore main island less CBD


Best Scenarios to be used: 

Outdoor events, medium to large events with large crowds


Water tank: 100 litres

Dimensions: 800mm x 510mm x 1380mm

wattage: 700w

modes: Normal wind, water cooled wind, oscillation, low/medium/high setting

Large Air Cooler

Medium air cooler

Medium Air Cooler Rental

10000m³/h capacity, 100litre water tank, 2m cable


*Delivery Charges for within Singapore main island


Best Scenarios to be used: 

home based events, small outdoor events or function or small crowds


Water tank: 65 litres

Dimensions: 610mm x 400mm x 1170mm

wattage: 250w

modes: Normal wind, water cooled wind, oscillation, low/medium/high setting

Air Coolers are one of the best solutions for outdoor events or functions. They are more efficient in cooling down an area compared to traditional fans. Air coolers utilize water to cool down the air that it blows out. This cools the air significantly and is akin to  feeling cool air during a rainy day. Air coolers come in different sizes to fit different requirements. For house events, we would recommend the medium air coolers, while they do not have the same level of cooling, it produces lesser noise and the cooling is sufficient for medium – large houses. For outdoor events, The large variant is recommended due to the larger area that it can cover.

Air coolers require water in order to function as intended. As such, there should be water within the vicinity to facilitate the refilling of the water tank. Delivery is available island wide and at affordable rates for short or long term events. Many of our clients rent these air coolers at warehouse locations or rooms with poor ventilation because of the effective cooling solution it provides.

Our cable is 2m in length. If you require a longer cable, we provide extension of cabling based on your requirements. We have industrial weatherproof powerpoints, cabling, junction boxes or DB boxes if required.

If you require industrial standing fans or air conditioners, please visit their pages respectively.

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