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Single Sloping Tentage is probably the first kind of rectangular-shaped tentage that comes to everyone’s mind when you think about Singapore’s’ night markets or “Pasar Malam”. Single sloping tentages as the name derives comes from tentages that are single sloping in nature. They can also be fitted with equipment such as lights, fans, chairs, tables etc.. They come in many different sizes and can be joined to form a long single line of stores. or booths.

Single Sloping Tentage

What Are Single Sloping Tentages?

Single sloping tentage is the most basic form of tentage there is. As the name implied, the tent is slopped on one side, which means the roof on one side is higher than the other. The reason for this attribute is to drain water to only 1 side, which is very useful for booths or make-shift stores. Single sloping tents are usually rectangular in shape and can be joined from at its ends to form a long rectangular shape.

Types of Use

Single sloping tentages can be used for a large variety of events and is not limited to those listed below:

  • Individual stage
  • Shade for a seating gallery
  • Carnival store
  • Cooking tentage
  • Extension from a HDB building
  • Individual booths

sloping tentages are also used in conjunction with other tentages such as dome tentages to form an aeroplane/airplane tentage. This allows the tentage to cover a wider area and also serve the purpose of effectively draining water to the sides.

Other equipment such as chairs and tables can be rented to facilitate events or gatherings within the tent.

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