Rental + setup for special occasions

If you are looking for lighting solutions for a special event. Fairy lights are probably the best. They set a whimsical feel for the occasion and brings about an element of happiness and grandeur.

Icicle Fairy Light for dinner event 2

Icicle Fairy lights

Also known as the dropdown fairy lights. This variant drops down 0.6m and gives the fairy light more volume and bulbs per meter. If you have a short isle or want to use it to have that drop down fairy light design. This is definitely the way to go.


100m with Setup + Dismantle – $400

Delivery is charged separately

Setting Up String Fairy Lights

String Fairy lights

The traditional fairy lights. This variant is extremely versatile and can be shaped or arranged according to your desire. Where our fairy light differs from others is the length. Most fairy light rentals out there only allow battery powered fairy lights which can be very dim and underperforming.

Our lights on the other hand Allow up to 1000m in a single connection while maintaining its brightness. This is especially useful the general rule for fairy lights is: “the more the better”. This is why our fairy lights are suitable for special moments such as weddings, birthdays or proposals. Our prices are also affordable and include setup and dismantle.


300m uninterrupted line  – $600

*requires a powerpoint

We also have a whole selection of other equipment that can be paired with our fairy lights. For wedding specific Equipment we have the following available for rental. For more information on these items Please click on the links.

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