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The Classic Tentage is the original tentage and is the most common tentage found for most medium to large scale events. It’s Dome shape makes the tentage look elegant and features a high ceiling and fewer pillars when compared to other similar tentages.

Dome Tentage

Classic Tentage or Dome Tentage is one of the preferred tentage for large-scale events. Aesthetically, they look better than the A-shaped or single sloping tentage. They also can cater for a much higher ceiling which makes them suitable for most events which require a high roof. They also require lesser pillars and have been a preferred choice for many events. For example, Navy Open House, Army Open House, Air Force Open House, several marathons and even Formula One Singapore. They can also be joined to form adjoining dome tentages or paired with single sloping tentages to form an aeroplane tentage.

Characteristics of Dome Tentages

A dome shape tent unlike an A shaped tentage has a gentle inverted “U” shaped curve. This unique shape allows the dome tentage to have a high ceiling. Giving it ample space to add equipment such as inner lining, fans, lights. You can also add a stage in easily due to the high ceiling height.

Cost of Rental

As a comparison, Dome Tentages are more expensive than A shaped Tentage due to the harder setup and tear down. However, if your event requires a higher ceiling or if you want a more premium feel, the Dome shape tentage is still the preferred choice. Weddings, condo showflats or high end events tend to use this type of tent due to the high ceiling, ability to pair it with air conditioning and other equipment.

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