Best Wedding Arch Design in 2021

Green Foliage

Whether you call it a chuppah, an altar, or an Arbor, the fact remains that it is the centerpiece of your ceremony.
It not only frames your wedding vows it also enhance the ceremony and creates a lovely focal point.
At Tentage Rental Singapore, We have a variety of designs and shapes of Wedding arches that you can rent. We also have other accompanying equipment so don’t be limited by just the wedding arches! Whether you need tables, chairs, a beautiful modern tentage with fairy lights. We can deliver.

Popular Arches

It’s all about finding the ideal fit for you and your partner. The way your altar will tie in with the overall look and feel of your wedding.

Fairy Lights Circular Arch

  • Circular Arch

A circular arch is like a modern wreath and it packs a visual punch, but also represents eternal. Whether it’s covered in flowers or totally naked, a huge round wedding arch lends some drama to your wedding.

Circular red Flowers

Circular red Flowers

  • Angular Arch

An angular arch can create a chic or geometrical style. From shapes like octagon, triangle and rectangle structures. These arches provide some serious shape to your ceremony.

Angular arch

  • Traditional Arch

A traditional arch have been a timeless styling piece. There are so many options when it comes to these arches, blending faux flower colours to match your venues or your wedding dress!

Lace Floral Traditional Arch

Popular Designs

From asymmetrical to untraditional materials such as pampas grass and palm leaves. There are plenty of creative ways to match your wedding vision to an arch style.

Angular Laced arch

  • Flower Designs

Options are endless with florals! Entwine brightly coloured flowers, foliage and greenery, making it a perfect summer or autumn styled wedding!

Floral Circular arch

  • Rustic Designs

Love the outdoors? Adorn these arches with messy and wild flowers hanging from it for a lovely and natural-looking frame around the couple!

Rustic Circular Arch

  • Flower-less Designs

Some of the most creative styles using little to no florals. And few modern takes on these, colourful ribbons and streamers or even balloons and lots of vibrant greenery creates an exciting feel!

Balloon Circular Arch

Transform any ceremony into dreamy Instagram-worthy pictures!

A beautiful arbor can anchor any ceremony or serve as a backdrop. They can bring new meaning to your celebration and a great statement for couples as well.

Circular solemnization Arch

Dial us to discuss more on the customization. With our best efforts, we will create the perfect altar uniquely just for the two of you!

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