Understanding Covid-19 Tests

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Antigen Test Kit

What is Antigen Rapid Test (ART)?

The Antigen Rapid Tests (ART) are on-the-spot screening tests. They detect proteins in the virus and deliver results within 15 – 30 minutes and results will be valid for 24 hours at time of test.

Field ART Testing

What are the uses of ART?

ART is commonly used to diagnose respiratory pathogens, influenza viruses and respiratory syncytial viruses. They are relatively inexpensive and can be used at the point of care.

Airport ART Testing
Singapore uses ART for pre-event testing and companies for their workforces as routine rostered test (RRT). Some countries are further accepting the ART as a Fit-to-Fly certification.

Difference in ART and PCR

Differences in ART and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test

The PCR tests the virus itself and considered to be one of the most sensitive test. But the tests are to be done in sophisticated laboratory and results may take up to several days.


ART Testing


Different to PCR, ART finds antigen on the outer surface of the virus. They need not use sophisticated laboratory and can conveniently be done at home or outdoors.
While not as accurate as PCR testing. They provide us with the essential tools to address the pandemic rapidly.

Details of Different Tests

By today, we will be receiving the standard issue ART from our Convid-19 task force.
And to do our part in reducing transmission for mask-off activities. We provide the furnishes needed to make the regular testing more comfortable and effortless.

Outdoor Tent ART Test

Our portable tents provides spaces to cater for outdoor events. You can use our tents for weddings, construction, ART shelters and others.

BCA Requirements for Construction

Most companies are playing their part to help and keep us safe from this pandemic.
We too, lend a helping hand by creating spaces combined with facilities to enhance the ART routine.



ART Facility at Construction site

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