A-Shaped Tent Wedding with Fairy Lights and Floral Arch

Planning for a picnic or birthday party, or perhaps a wedding? Tired of staying indoors all the time because of Covid-19? While it is important to stay safe, it is important to keep your mind active by planning for simple events for the future. Have your very own party anywhere you want. We have almost all the items you need to create the one of a kind celebration!

Let’s start with the things we need for any outdoor celebration.

Air-Con Tent Wedding with Lining


Essential items

Tentages – Whether rain or shine, it is a crucial factor in any event. They provide you with the necessary protection from bad weather and it double as a room for private celebrations. Find out more on the different types of tents which best suits your event.

Tables – No event is complete without tables for guest to enjoy the lovely spread or to place the decorations. How to choose the perfect table that fits the theme of your event?

Chairs – Blending your chairs to the tables are as important as finding a suitable table that fits your venue.

Industrial Fans – 25 inches standing industrial fans are a must to prevent the heat piling up!

Portable toilet – A must-have at any outdoor event. This is a necessity for everyone at your event including you!

Now we have the essential items. It is time we spice things up. Here are a few things that most of the events have to make an event a memorable one for their guest.

Transparent A-Shaped Tent Wedding

Posh Items

Air-Con tents – Having seen many outdoor tents, this tent brings the indoors, outdoor! Air-Con tents has a more classy and elegant outlook with the choice to add doors.

Arches – We have a range of arch designs to suit your events, whether it is a wedding or baby shower or solemnization, Customise our arches to blend with your theme.

Backdrops – Having a fun wedding? Our backdrops can be used as photo booths and stage backgrounds. The creativity that you provide us and with the many uses of the backdrops your options are endless!

Fairy Lights – Tiny little bulbs that packs a punch. These wondrous string of lights never fails to brighten up everyone’s day.

Air-coolers – A few degree cooler than industrial fans, These air coolers will further enhance your party to a premium finish.

PA systems – Comes with 2 wireless Mic, In-built Mixer, 1000 watts speaker and stands, create a loud and fascinating event.

Projector – Instantly create a professional and elegant conference with our 100 inch screen combined with our PA system.

Carpet – Turn your outdoor event into a indoor private ballroom. Cover the grass or wooden floor and turn it into a classy carpeted room.

220KVA Generator

Choose any venue and we can still create your perfect event with our generators.

Generator – We provide generator to events or celebrations which does not have their own power source. Please enquire with us on the items needing electricity and we will provide you with a suitable generator size!

Air-Con Tent Wedding with Meshed Cloth Deco

Contact us for more information on the above mentioned items. We will do our best and help you achieve the most unique event of your choice!

In lieu of the current pandemic situation, Singapore has faced many challenges in regards to weddings and celebrations. Fret not! Singaporeans have countless ideas to get onboard this situation. Throughout this pandemic, Tentage Rental Singapore has played a big part in actualizing the expectations of fellow locals with our services and furnishes.

Overhead ceiling fairy light wedding

Here are a few examples of events, celebrations and weddings we have launched throughout this pandemic:

Fairy light wedding rental

One of our client hosted their wedding in a hotel. We helped to enhance the ambience by providing fairy lights! One of the most versatile decorations, fairy lights can be hung, adhere to, laid down and more. Our tiffany chairs are a perfect match to the classy and elegant elements of the fairy lights.

Wedding table rentals

Most hotel standards are paired with round tables which portrays a sleek and professional outlook and convey the setting of a ‘grand’ wedding.
Amongst the pandemic, why not try create a familiar sense during your wedding? Invite only close friends and families. Try changing to joining rectangle tables to achieve intimate ambience.

Table and chair rental for weddings

It’s time to create your very own unique wedding masterpiece. With so many ideas you can get from online sources, its easy to adapt portions of what you like to your own special day.

Wedding venues

First thing on the list, choose your venues. Select a suitable venue where your wedding will be held, whether it is indoors or outdoors, make sure there is fun! Some of the popular locations include Fort canning park, Hort park. These places have an abundance of greenery and are great places to have an memorable event.

fairy light outdoor wedding

– Outdoor venue, We will recommend renting tentage or an air-con tent to shelter your guest from rain or shine. Tent weddings are just uniquely different and often more exquisite! They are cheaper than renting a hotel venue and they offer the same exquisite ambience and is often a preferred choice for a wedding that is out of the norm.

Hotel weddings

– Indoor venue, unlike outgoing folks, most local are still comfortable with indoor weddings at hotels, restaurants, etc. These venues can be perked up with backdrops and arches as focal points. These can be used instead of a stage and will definitely look good in your photographs.
Our backdrops and arches can be customised according to how you like it as well. We have a large selection of faux flowers and types of backdrop for your choice.

Wedding arch rentals

After you have chosen your venue, it is time to look for vendor and their availability. Please do your plannings in advance to ensure your decorations are available and ample time for set up.

faux flower wedding rentals

At Tentage Rental Singapore, we have a few types of arch designs to choose from. Circular arches, Backdrops, Fairy lights in hand with faux flowers and mesh cloth.

Depending on your theme or focal point, choose between round or rectangle tables. We provide a variety of table cloth colours as well.

Table cloth colours

Do take note when planning for your wonderous day, you’ll have to ensure the safety of your guest and your self as well. Please seek advice from your venue’s management or vendors on the safety regulations to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable day for your guest.

Wedding rental Singapore

Tentage Rental Singapore, will continue to provide our services up to expectations with our best efforts! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!
Please be reminded that although we have wedding equipment for rentals but we are not wedding planners.

BCA Requirements

With effect on 10 September 2021, Covid-safe work site criteria states that in order to continue work, employers are required to make appointments for their workers to start Rostered Routine Test (RRT). Tentage Rental Singapore has helped companies to set up the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) shelters for RRT usage. 

ART shelter in tuas

 What are ART shelters?

There are many regimes which uses ART as the primary testing to ensure the safety of employees. Such as, Fast and Easy Testing (FET), Quick Test Center (QTC), Employer-Supervised Self-Swab (ESSS), Self-Swab Model (SMM) and Regional Screening Center (RSC).

ART shelter with air cooler and barricade

Most of such regimes takes place in what we call ART shelters. They are conveniently located at construction sites, void decks, simply anywhere you want to place it.

FET test site in pavilion

What do you need to build a ART shelter?

ART Facility at Construction site

First and foremost, You’ll need a space large enough to house your crowd. For most companies, construction sites, void decks, pavilions, car parks are the many places ART shelters can be found.

Quick test site using ART

Quick test site using ART

Secondly, furnitures are needed for your workers to rest or for nurses/SMO to conduct testing.

FET with system panel

FET with system panel

Thirdly, create a professional test facility with system panels to segregate the testing rooms and waiting area.

Quick test site in carpark

Quick test site in carpark

Other items that we provide to enhance the comfortability and tailor make the sites to ART shelter you need.

FET site with segregated system panel rooms

Tents for ART shelters at construction sites

The most popular and cost-effective tent available for testing are the A-Shaped tent. They can be customized or extended with Single Slope tents to provide better covered area.

RRT at construction sites

RRT at construction sites

Furniture for a professional ART shelter

Instead of using industrial standing fans, we recommend our powerful air coolers. Air coolers are great for indoors and outdoors, as they can provide adequate cooling to large areas and do not need an outlet for hot air. They are energy saving as well using residential powerpoints.

large air cooler at swab test site

We also have the variety of table, chairs, lights and generators to fulfil the requirements at the most secluded places to ease your employees commute.

System Panels for ART Shelters

System panels are great for separating and creating private spaces. They are modular and available to create as many rooms as you require in the same space.

ART site with system panels

Enjoy the various configurations while keeping in style and making the space look and feel more professional.

FET test site with system panel in pavilion

Wide variety of ART shelter used by our clients

RSC with storage room

Currently there are 17 Regional Screening Center (RSC) sites using ART test to provide accessibility for your employees. Some of the RSC that we have done for clients.

FET site with private rooms

Fast and Easy Testing (FET) uses Quick Test Centers (QTC) sites have been place under HDB for citizens to have their swab test  at the place of convenience.

Swab Test with A-Shaped Tent and Queue Poles

ART shelters for Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) at construction sites to reduce the need for workers to travel to clinic for their test before resuming work.

Tentage Rental Singapore tailor make Antigen Rapid Test Shelters for all our clients. With the many experiences with our past clients we look forward to creating an effective and safe ART shelter for your company. Enquire with us now to fulfil the requirements and keep Singapore safe!



Exhibition system panels

What are System Panels?

System/Exhibition panels are usually built with plasterboard, aluminum frame and leveling screw pads. No additional fasteners or adhesives are needed to add stability to the framework and instead of concrete walls, system panels tend to be more affordable and hassle-free for temporary or ever changing use.

ART site beside factory

Type of Panels

Bi- fold panels – Folding room dividers which consist of bi – fold doors which are hinged together and fold atop each other to one side.

bi fold panel

Modular panels – The most common type of system panels you see at exhibitions, conventions or Antigen Rapid test shelters.

Modular system panel example

Uses of System Panels

They can be put to use in events like exhibitions, construction sites, office dividers, conventions and with the new laws in place due to Covid-19 the panels are used for many swab test sites.

Convention with system panels and cabinets

Some of the uses of panels which makes them in demand:

Dust control –  Construction work produces a lot of dust. With these system panels, you can ensure that dust is kept from site office as little as possible.

modular system panel office in warehouse

Noise control – Construction machinery and office meeting activities may cause noise pollution, but the system panels are an ideal solution for that.

Corner off swab site using system panels

Traffic management – Manage the flow of people in and out of the area where the testing or appointments are taking place.

swab sites with poles and system panels

Temporary office space – Whether under renovation or safe distancing requirements, system panels are able to set up office spaces for safety or privacy.

office system panel room

Benefits of System Panels

The panels are an excellent way to take charge and become the master of your space of any size, or any environment. If you have large open spaces, these can easily be redesigned or divided in separate spaces quickly and easily.

FET test site with system panel in pavilion

Customizable size and layout – Various configurations as they are interchangeable and modular, system panels allow you to have tailor-made layouts that can overcome space constraints, allowing your booth to fit your exhibition area space.

Swabsite at HDB pavilion

Consume lesser time – While attempting to D.I.Y your own exhibition panels, configuration plans and customizable options. You can leverage on Tentage Rental Singapore being your one stop solution system panels.

Quick test site using ART

Quick test site using ART

Our furnishes

With Tentage Rental Singapore ample experienced in setting up system panels for our previous clients. We effectively navigate through the requirements to tailor make up to your expectations.

exhibition panels examples

Customized with these available accessories for your system panels:


Leveling pads – Allowing cables to run underneath the panels.

Leveled foot

Leveled Foot – Allowing a single panel to stand alone.

End Cap

End caps – Preventing sharp edges and provide a clean finish

Door panel

Doors – Lockable doors for your specifications

Structured Beams – Remove foot and levelers and instead holds the structure via ceiling beams

Antigen test site

Do not hesitate to contact us to fulfil your requirements and take lead of your spaces! We have many other items such as tables, chairs, cabinets and air coolers! Tentage Rental Singapore aims to be your one stop solution provider for your ART shelters or exhibitions!

What is an Arbor?

The arbor is an arch-shaped structure covered with faux flowers, mesh cloths and other decorations. The arched design creates a “tunnel” for decorations to cover, the arbor is sometimes called a “wedding arch”.

Circular Arch with two types of florals and Mesh Cloth

Circular Arch with two types of florals and Mesh Cloth

Why use Arches?

In many cultures, an arch suggests initiation and ceremonies of renewal. Walking through an archway represents the sloughing off of the old and moving into a new phase of life. Such a significant moment needs to have a focal point and there is nothing that will anchor the space more than a wedding arch. Just imagine the photo below without the arch. The arch makes such a difference in photograph and in the focal point.

Circular Arch with foliage without Backdrop

Circular Arch with foliage without Backdrop

How can we help?

Tentage Rental Singapore can provide you with circular arches along with the faux florals and other decorations to make your prefect frame. It is also probably the most photographed decoration of the day. We have a large variety of arch design as well as different coloured theme for our faux flowers.


Champagne Yellow Floral Arch with White Mesh Cloth

Champagne Yellow Floral Arch with White Mesh Cloth

We have the standard designs of half filled arches with meshed cloth and two different toned flowers with meshed cloth. If your florist does not provide arches, we can provide them without decorations. We are flexible and everything is customizable to your demands.

Pink Lace Backdrop with White Florals

Pink Lace Backdrop with White Florals

What is a backdrop?

The definition of backdrop is to creates an imaginary setting or location for a scene using decorated cloth or printed canvas placed at the background. There are many uses for a backdrop including, photoshoot, weddings and performances.

Rectangle Wedding Backdrop with White Florals

Rectangle Wedding Backdrop with White Florals

Why use Backdrop?

They are mostly used for wedding receptions, solemnization and photobooths. There is no need to splurge for a gorgeous venue on your wedding day. A backdrop is able to create different scenes and ambiences at the same place.

Oriental Printed Backdrop without Arches

Oriental Printed Backdrop without Arches

What do we provide?

Tentage Rental provides you with the basis to create your ultimate backdrop. We have rectangle arches which can be decorated to floral, minimalistic or wild designs. Circular arches can also be used as a backdrop using foliage or fairy lights.

White and Pink Lace Backdrop for Dais

White and Pink Lace Backdrop for Dais

What is the difference between Arbor and Backdrop?

They are both suitable for events much like weddings and photobooths. Most couples finds a venue with a great scenic view and uses the arch to frame the background.
Places like hotels are a better fit for backdrops to serve as background to enhance your perfect picture.



Transparent Tent Wedding

A tent is a shelter consisting of canvas or other material draped over and attached to a frame structure or attached to a supporting rope.

Transparent Dome Tent Conference

Tentages have been around since the 16th century and are one of the first few forms of shelter mankind has created. First used as portable homes by nomads and are now more often used for recreational camping and as temporary shelters.

Single Slope Tent With Lining

Single Slope Tent

One of the first development of tentages, they are versatile and adjustable in compact spaces.
Sheltering us from the rain and sun, they have a higher and lower side creating a gentle slope naming them Single Slope.

Single Slope Tent Conference


They can be used as an extended walkway, rain shelters and commonly used for pasar malam as seen everywhere in Singapore!
Single Slope Tents can further be attached to A-Shaped and Dome Tents to extend their length and size.

A-Shaped Tents

A-Shaped Tent

These tents are exceedingly popular in Singapore and you can see them almost everywhere!
Resembling the alphabet ‘A’, they forms their classic shape by combining two Single Slope Tents together and creating a budget friendly and functional multipurpose tent.

A-Shaped Tent Wedding with Fairy Lights


They are often used for weddings, ART shelters and construction sites as they are suitable to house large crowds and have a professional structure.
They are used in almost all types of events and can be customized to meet almost all the expectations!

Dome Shaped Tent

Dome Shaped Tent

A Dome shape tent, also known as a classic tent is seen as a more posh and elegant tent. They are definitely more suitable for massive events and if you have budget to spare, a grand wedding! Although it looks similar to an A shaped tent, there are some key differences between the two. The ceiling of a dome shape tent tends to higher, It gives the impression of a larger and luxurious ceiling. The width that a dome shape tent can accommodate is also much wider than that of an A-shape tent without having pillars in the middle of the tent.

Dome Shaped Convention Tent


When talking about the Dome shape tent, planning and managing spaces becomes simple! It provides great coverage without beams in the middle of the tent. Making them a wonderful choice for weddings, events, corporate parties and an all in one solution!

Gazebo Tents

Gazebo Tent

The Gazebo structure is more durable and stable compared to the other pitched models. Making it suitable to withstand most outdoor environment. They have the all famous pointed roof which is recognizable everywhere!

Bazaar with Gazebo Tent


Recognized by its pointy elegant roof, the Gazebo tent is mainly used for carnivals, bazaars and are highly suitable for packed places. Spruce up your event with these fun and exciting square shaped tents!


Wedding Tentage with Arch and Fairy Lights

Besides choosing the type of tent to use, our tents can also be customised according to your demands. Whether you want a transparent canvas to see up into the starry night or even cloth lining to hide the metal poles of the tent, it can be done to provide a luxurious and executive feel for your corporate or special events.


Planning for an event but still not sure which tent to choose? Enquire with us for more information on tentages and we will do our best to provide you with a suitable tent for your events!

Air-Con Tent Conference with Lining

Event planning is a meticulous job and we suggest creating a checklist for every event. Every event is unique, no two events are the same. We are here to help you along the way.

Beach Solemnization with Floral Arch

Establish your event essentials

From pre-event to the actual day, things will undoubtedly be chaotic and stressful. Event planning is a meticulous job and we suggest creating a checklist for every event. Whether you are planning a wedding celebration or an Office related event. They both have their specific set of requirements and logistical needs.

Swab Test with A-Shaped Tent and Queue Poles

Date and Time and Location

Consider the pre-planning phase, contact vendors and communicate on the items needed. Research on venues and have an idea geographically to visualise the placement of your events. We usually recommend starting your prep at least 3 months away. This is to ensure that every vendor is able to meet your requirements for the event and they are able to soft book the dates.

A-Shaped Tent Wedding With Foliage and Fairy Lights

Event Type and Objectives

Are the clients looking to celebrate weddings or birthdays? Communicate with clients to meet expectations and design style. Individuality is to be the goal of the event. It is good to have reference pictures of what you want. This ensures any miscommunication between what you envision and what your vendors provide.

Beach Solemnization with Floral Arch

Design and focal point of event

This is the heart of event planning because it includes the event components that impact guests the most. Design the venue in accordance to the client’s expectation to produce the achievable results.

A-Shaped Tent with Fairy Lights and PA Systems

Build your Budget

After establishing your essentials, it is time to calculate the budget your client can offer. Start with the major categories such as, rentals and decorations. It is always better to have some leeway in your budgeting. After confirming all your vendors, always ensure that you are about 10-20% below the budget. This way, you have so allowance in the event you require last minute equipment.

Outdoor Solemnization with Floral Arch

Vendor services and costs

Research on the vendors which provides you with the best service and cost possible. Communicate with your vendors and achieve the desired budget.

ART Shelter with 2 Side Canvas

Confirm your vendors and date to start

Place all deposits after confirming your vendors and they will be able to reserve the slot on your event day or make arrangements for them to set up early a day or two. After confirming your event. It is good to remind them about your event 1-2 weeks before your big day. Vendors are run by humans as well and they too can forget.

Void Deck Wedding With Dais and Meshed Backdrop

Plan out the decorations

Follow the event schedule, plan out the time needed to put up the decorations and the items needed. Verify the visual elements of the design and work with vendors on the supplies they are able to provide.

A-Shaped Tent Award Ceremony

Consider the unexpected

Take note on the directions to your event to prevent any delays for deliveries. Make sure the venue has an accessible place for vehicles to unload the items for your event. Often, vendors will charge additional especially if the setup or unloading is very far from your venue. Always ensure that there is a smooth route to your event location.

Retail Booth With Transparent Curtains and Lining

As one of the vendors, Tentage Rental Singapore will provide the nessecities and execute your event effectively. Work together with us for an enjoyable experience, we have air coolers, tables, chairs, arches, backdrops and tentages. Learn more about the events you can create with the furnishes we provide!

Antigen Test Kit

What is Antigen Rapid Test (ART)?

The Antigen Rapid Tests (ART) are on-the-spot screening tests. They detect proteins in the virus and deliver results within 15 – 30 minutes and results will be valid for 24 hours at time of test.

Field ART Testing

What are the uses of ART?

ART is commonly used to diagnose respiratory pathogens, influenza viruses and respiratory syncytial viruses. They are relatively inexpensive and can be used at the point of care.

Airport ART Testing
Singapore uses ART for pre-event testing and companies for their workforces as routine rostered test (RRT). Some countries are further accepting the ART as a Fit-to-Fly certification.

Difference in ART and PCR

Differences in ART and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test

The PCR tests the virus itself and considered to be one of the most sensitive test. But the tests are to be done in sophisticated laboratory and results may take up to several days.


ART Testing


Different to PCR, ART finds antigen on the outer surface of the virus. They need not use sophisticated laboratory and can conveniently be done at home or outdoors.
While not as accurate as PCR testing. They provide us with the essential tools to address the pandemic rapidly.

Details of Different Tests

By today, we will be receiving the standard issue ART from our Convid-19 task force.
And to do our part in reducing transmission for mask-off activities. We provide the furnishes needed to make the regular testing more comfortable and effortless.

Outdoor Tent ART Test

Our portable tents provides spaces to cater for outdoor events. You can use our tents for weddings, construction, ART shelters and others.

BCA Requirements for Construction

Most companies are playing their part to help and keep us safe from this pandemic.
We too, lend a helping hand by creating spaces combined with facilities to enhance the ART routine.



ART Facility at Construction site

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of Singaporeans’ lives. Whether is it planning for a family, going out for events, having a simple meal in a group or even planning a solemnization or wedding reception. With the current restrictions in place allowing maximum of 100pax with Pre-event testing required, many fellow locals have decided to postpone or cancel their crucial milestone. However there are solutions that need little compromise. We hope to share with you what Many others are doing in Singapore with Micro Weddings.

Overhead Fairy Lights Dinner Wedding

Micro-Wedding receptions

Trending worldwide and its significant popularity increase, are Micro weddings. They tend to be smaller in size and therefore, more room to decorate and increase the event’s intimacy. Humbled by the pandemic, This is currently the route that most couples are taking to get around the legislative laws required for larger events.

A micro wedding is a small wedding consisting of 50 people or less. The lesser people you invite, the more intimate the event can be. You can make it an exhilaratingly personal event by inviting 20 to 40 people, or you can have a ‘VIP-only’ guest list of 10 loved ones. Given the limited guest list, micro weddings are often hosted at an intimate venue. We will share some possible venue locations below and how you can make your reception one to remember.


Wedding on Floating Platform

gazebo tent with inner lining for an intimate affair

HortPark Micro Wedding with wedding arch

Here are some suggestions to hosting a superb micro wedding:

    • Choose a venue with a strict guest capacity. This can take the pressure off you feeling guility about inviting your extended circle of friends. There are many venue locations which only allow up to 30 pax – 50 pax due to fire safety reasons or even due to COVID-19 restrictions. As the laws are changing all the time, it is best to check with the venue owners themselves on the latest rules and regulations.

Outdoor solemnization using wedding arches and tiffany chairs

    • With a limited guest list, you raise the curtain on your wedding venue options. Think outside of the box for your intimate location; Exchange vows inside a stunning greenhouse, invite your guests to a well decorated tentage. The venue could also be the the place you met your loved one, got engaged, said “I love you,” or dined at for many date nights. One effective way to narrow the search is to think about your relationship. The options are endless!

Tent wedding

Most normal weddings only involve a select few guests such as the couple’s parents, siblings or closest friends. However, if you’re having a micro wedding, depending on the size, you can have them stand and encircle you as you exchange your vows, seat them at one big table at the wedding reception, or have everyone attend the rehearsal dinner. There’s nothing more fulfilling than having the people close to your heart near you and giving them your attention.
Solemnization at the Beach

    • Infuse your love story into your décor. Perhaps there’s a plot of grass or park you used to play when you are younger that can be transformed into a modest yet alluring space with exaggerated florals. A backyard/beach where you noticed your partner can be comfortably converted into an exclusive solemnization with fairy lights and rustic backdrops. We provide AV equipment to live stream the fascinating event for those who are unable to attend as well. Since micro weddings are smaller and significantly cheaper, successively you can make a bigger investment into the decorations. Wedding Decorations are one of the backbone of any event. Get it right and you will leave a lasting memory in everyone’s minds. Whether it is surrounding the venue in a beautiful concoction of Fairy lights, A wedding arch to focus the attention at the altar or even getting creative with seating arrangements, long estate table to seat all your guests making everyone feel like family!



Projector Outdoor Tent Wedding



Consider detailing spaces. Create an ambiance stunning enough with simple decors.

From long tables to matching chairs to fairy lights to florals. Key to a stress-free micro wedding is to get all your décor covered. Look for furniture vendors that provide fairy lights or vice versa. Tentages and backdrops are also a great way to exchange your vows which resembles a mini chapel without the budget!

Intimate Wedding

At Tentage Rental Singapore, We are here to help you on this chaotic journey and help you organize your event. While hotel managers can help you on majority of the planning, When organising a Micro-wedding, you are at the helm. We are here to take your mind of the equipment rental which you might need for your special day. Whether it is Tentages with aircon, Wedding arches or a even a fairy light ensemble.

Contact us for more information and we will help guide you through this once in a lifetime event.


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