Outdoor Celebration and Things You Need

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A-Shaped Tent Wedding with Fairy Lights and Floral Arch

Planning for a picnic or birthday party, or perhaps a wedding? Tired of staying indoors all the time because of Covid-19? While it is important to stay safe, it is important to keep your mind active by planning for simple events for the future. Have your very own party anywhere you want. We have almost all the items you need to create the one of a kind celebration!

Let’s start with the things we need for any outdoor celebration.

Air-Con Tent Wedding with Lining


Essential items

Tentages – Whether rain or shine, it is a crucial factor in any event. They provide you with the necessary protection from bad weather and it double as a room for private celebrations. Find out more on the different types of tents which best suits your event.

Tables – No event is complete without tables for guest to enjoy the lovely spread or to place the decorations. How to choose the perfect table that fits the theme of your event?

Chairs – Blending your chairs to the tables are as important as finding a suitable table that fits your venue.

Industrial Fans – 25 inches standing industrial fans are a must to prevent the heat piling up!

Portable toilet – A must-have at any outdoor event. This is a necessity for everyone at your event including you!

Now we have the essential items. It is time we spice things up. Here are a few things that most of the events have to make an event a memorable one for their guest.

Transparent A-Shaped Tent Wedding

Posh Items

Air-Con tents – Having seen many outdoor tents, this tent brings the indoors, outdoor! Air-Con tents has a more classy and elegant outlook with the choice to add doors.

Arches – We have a range of arch designs to suit your events, whether it is a wedding or baby shower or solemnization, Customise our arches to blend with your theme.

Backdrops – Having a fun wedding? Our backdrops can be used as photo booths and stage backgrounds. The creativity that you provide us and with the many uses of the backdrops your options are endless!

Fairy Lights – Tiny little bulbs that packs a punch. These wondrous string of lights never fails to brighten up everyone’s day.

Air-coolers – A few degree cooler than industrial fans, These air coolers will further enhance your party to a premium finish.

PA systems – Comes with 2 wireless Mic, In-built Mixer, 1000 watts speaker and stands, create a loud and fascinating event.

Projector – Instantly create a professional and elegant conference with our 100 inch screen combined with our PA system.

Carpet – Turn your outdoor event into a indoor private ballroom. Cover the grass or wooden floor and turn it into a classy carpeted room.

220KVA Generator

Choose any venue and we can still create your perfect event with our generators.

Generator – We provide generator to events or celebrations which does not have their own power source. Please enquire with us on the items needing electricity and we will provide you with a suitable generator size!

Air-Con Tent Wedding with Meshed Cloth Deco

Contact us for more information on the above mentioned items. We will do our best and help you achieve the most unique event of your choice!

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