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Tables are an essential item in any party, gathering, function or work purpose. They create the mood, the theme and also define the purpose of the event. With so many types of tables in the market for rental, how does one decide on the type and size? We hope through this post we can help you in your decision making process in your table rental.

Our tables come in generally 3 different shapes; Round, Rectangular and Square, all our tables are GS type which means the legs are attached to the table base. This makes the tables very stable and means it can withstand heavy weights on it when compared to the alternative, scissor leg tables.

Round tables

Perhaps the longest standing shape around, round tables are an quintessential shape for any gathering or party.They allow all patrons to sit in view of one another, creating a comfortable atmosphere and probably the most effective way to sit the most people. In our catalog, we have a few sizes and fitment recommendations

  • 4ft round tables can usually fit between 4-6 pax comfortably. They are roughly the size as the coffee shop tables which makes it great for small groups of people or family sitting.
  • 4.5ft round tables fits 6-8 pax comfortably. probably the best inbetween for larger groups without feeling like the table is too large.
  • 5ft round tables fir 8-10 pax. These tables are the banquet size tables which you normally see for wedding dinners

Table cloth

Table cloths and accessories placed on the tables can change the mood and feel of the event completely, and the absence of these items can make the event feel cheap or bland. To add a little flare to the event, simply dressing the tables with one of our wide selection of table cloths can bring your event to a whole new level. Whats more, our table cloth has a beautiful sheen which adds to the exquisiteness unlike ordinary table cloths.
Our table cloths come in the following colours:

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Royal Blue
  4. Wine Red
  5. Champagne Yellow

Square Tables

3ft square table

well known in the industry as the perfect cafe table, square tables are great at utilizing space due to its straight lines and shape. Our square tables come in only one size:

  • 3ft – Fits 4 pax comfortably

While you might be able to squeeze additional people at corners, we won’t recommend that.If you are looking to make a long banquet table, square tables are also a perfect solution. You can also add long table cloths to complete the look for a perfect wedding dinner.

Table Cloth

Our table cloth selection for our square tables comes with skirting that covers the legs of the table. It comes in 3 different colours:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

Rectangle Tables

2ft x 6ft gs table 2ft x 4ft gs table

Although rectangle tables are not as effective as the other shapes in seating people, they are extremely useful for other purposes. Whether is it as a reception table to welcome guests, hold food for a buffet line, form a table for prize presentation, display items for sale or to combine the tables to form a long banquet table, rectangle tables are versatile and can be used in multiple scenarios. Our rectangle table comes in 2 different sizes:

2ft x 4ft – seats 2 per long side

2ft x 6ft – seats 2-3 per long side

Table Cloth

To suit more events, our table cloth comes in two different variations:

  • Spandex Cloth
    • White
    • Black
  • table cloth with skirting
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Black

Cocktail Table/Coffee Table

2ft cocktail table 110cm high

cocktail tables or coffee tables are great for small settings where space is not that abundant or when there are smaller groups of people. They can be used to serve a standing crowd or to hold canapes or finger food.

Our cocktail table /coffee table comes in two different heights, a standing height which is at 110cm or a normal table height at 75cm. Our cocktail table is also weather resistant which means it can be used for outdoor settings.

Table cloth

Our cocktail tables come in white or black table cloths and we use a tassel to neaten and tie up the look.


With a clear use and function for each shape and sized tables, we hope its much clearer to choose tables for your special event. Don’t forget to take a look at chairs as well to complete your event.

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