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How does an air cooler work?

Air coolers, also know as evaporative air coolers are often mistaken as air-con units. However, while they have some similarities, the concept on how they operate and the end result is fairly different. Air cooler draw its function from nature, just like a sea breeze which lowers the temperature of the air. Air con units […]

Wedding Tentage – weddings with an elegant twist

Wedding tentages…are they really necessary and suitable? Wedding venues in Singapore have been getting more expensive by the year, with almost each year increasing 10% consistently throughout the last 5 years. What used to be a joyous occasion can be a stressful period especially if the couple needs a venue for over 200pax; this can […]

Baby Shower- What you need for a perfect Party

First off, congratulations on making it through 100 days of parenting. As a parent of a new born baby, there is nothing much that can match the feeling of being a parent and raising your own little one. These are moments that you have to celebrate as a parent and capture these moments. Whether be […]