Fairy Light Ideas and Designs

Love the subtle ambience of fairy lights? Fairy lights have an amazing ability to instantly create a sense of ambience and festivity and can be used for special events such as wedding receptions, solemnization or even all year round at your premise.

Here are a few ideas you can use as reference if you are planning for such an event.

Light up your entrance

fairylight tunnel

First impressions are what counts at any event. Using Fairy lights in access at the entrance, hallway or down the aisle are great ways to pull focus on that particular spot.

Table top Decoration

table top fairy light decoration

If you are displaying your photos on a table, you can always add in some fairy lights to set the mood.

Fairy light picture strings or forming words

decorations for pictures using fairy lights

The effect is surprisingly calming and relaxing. If you are looking for adding some more delightful vibes in your day-to-day living, string lights or any kind of decorative lights will be a great way to go.

Transparent tentage with fairy lights

If you want to go big, outdoor weddings are becoming more popular as a way to celebrate a couple’s matrimony. Fit our tentages with transparent canvas, Fairy lights and some lovely chandelier and it will look really elegant. We have a large selection of tentages available as well as equipment as well to make your wedding something to remember.

Transparent Gazebo tent with fairy lights

Transparent A shape tent with fairy lights



Transaparent Canvas

Transaparent Canvas A shape tents

You can also opt for some sections of fairylights if there are fixtures available for us to tie the fairylights to. Although time consuming and exhausting, but the outcome is worth every effort put into it. Endless loop around arches and distance being covered made the ‘fairy-like’ tunnel. Note that many of these designs take more than 500m of fairy lights to achieve this effect. As always, the more fairy lights you have, the more stunning it will look. Let your imaginations run wild!

Banquet setting with fairy lights Dinner banquet setting with fairy lights

There are a myriad of ideas you can explore with fairy lights. They are versatile, creates a warm feel to the venue and also lifts the mood of anyone experiencing the decoration.

If you are looking to achieve the kind of look like in the photos, you definitely need large amounts of fairy lights. Obtaining these by yourself is no small feat and the manpower to setup will be enormous. This is where we come in. We provide decoration services for your event. Whether you require wedding arches, fairy light setup, backdrops, tables, chairs or sound systems, we have the appropriate equipment  to help setup your event for your special day.



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