Transparent Tent Wedding

A tent is a shelter consisting of canvas or other material draped over and attached to a frame structure or attached to a supporting rope.

Transparent Dome Tent Conference

Tentages have been around since the 16th century and are one of the first few forms of shelter mankind has created. First used as portable homes by nomads and are now more often used for recreational camping and as temporary shelters.

Single Slope Tent With Lining

Single Slope Tent

One of the first development of tentages, they are versatile and adjustable in compact spaces.
Sheltering us from the rain and sun, they have a higher and lower side creating a gentle slope naming them Single Slope.

Single Slope Tent Conference


They can be used as an extended walkway, rain shelters and commonly used for pasar malam as seen everywhere in Singapore!
Single Slope Tents can further be attached to A-Shaped and Dome Tents to extend their length and size.

A-Shaped Tents

A-Shaped Tent

These tents are exceedingly popular in Singapore and you can see them almost everywhere!
Resembling the alphabet ‘A’, they forms their classic shape by combining two Single Slope Tents together and creating a budget friendly and functional multipurpose tent.

A-Shaped Tent Wedding with Fairy Lights


They are often used for weddings, ART shelters and construction sites as they are suitable to house large crowds and have a professional structure.
They are used in almost all types of events and can be customized to meet almost all the expectations!

Dome Shaped Tent

Dome Shaped Tent

A Dome shape tent, also known as a classic tent is seen as a more posh and elegant tent. They are definitely more suitable for massive events and if you have budget to spare, a grand wedding! Although it looks similar to an A shaped tent, there are some key differences between the two. The ceiling of a dome shape tent tends to higher, It gives the impression of a larger and luxurious ceiling. The width that a dome shape tent can accommodate is also much wider than that of an A-shape tent without having pillars in the middle of the tent.

Dome Shaped Convention Tent


When talking about the Dome shape tent, planning and managing spaces becomes simple! It provides great coverage without beams in the middle of the tent. Making them a wonderful choice for weddings, events, corporate parties and an all in one solution!

Gazebo Tents

Gazebo Tent

The Gazebo structure is more durable and stable compared to the other pitched models. Making it suitable to withstand most outdoor environment. They have the all famous pointed roof which is recognizable everywhere!

Bazaar with Gazebo Tent


Recognized by its pointy elegant roof, the Gazebo tent is mainly used for carnivals, bazaars and are highly suitable for packed places. Spruce up your event with these fun and exciting square shaped tents!


Wedding Tentage with Arch and Fairy Lights

Besides choosing the type of tent to use, our tents can also be customised according to your demands. Whether you want a transparent canvas to see up into the starry night or even cloth lining to hide the metal poles of the tent, it can be done to provide a luxurious and executive feel for your corporate or special events.


Planning for an event but still not sure which tent to choose? Enquire with us for more information on tentages and we will do our best to provide you with a suitable tent for your events!

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