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What is Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Shelters?

With effect on 10 September 2021, Covid-safe work site criteria states that in order to continue work, employers are required to make appointments for their workers to start Rostered Routine Test (RRT). Tentage Rental Singapore has helped companies to set up the Antigen Rapid Test (ART) shelters for RRT usage.   What are ART shelters? There […]

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The Vast Uses of System Panels

What are System Panels? System/Exhibition panels are usually built with plasterboard, aluminum frame and leveling screw pads. No additional fasteners or adhesives are needed to add stability to the framework and instead of concrete walls, system panels tend to be more affordable and hassle-free for temporary or ever changing use. Type of Panels Bi- fold […]

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Types of Tents

A tent is a shelter consisting of canvas or other material draped over and attached to a frame structure or attached to a supporting rope. Tentages have been around since the 16th century and are one of the first few forms of shelter mankind has created. First used as portable homes by nomads and are […]

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Backdrops design ideas for Weddings

Backdrops are an essential element that highlights the event’s decor and are a great way to complement the event theme. What is a Backdrop? A backdrop is a background setup that provides you with the perfect frame and instagram-worthy pictures for the two of you. They are usually made from hanging creative and colourful designs […]

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Understanding Covid-19 Tests

What is Antigen Rapid Test (ART)? The Antigen Rapid Tests (ART) are on-the-spot screening tests. They detect proteins in the virus and deliver results within 15 – 30 minutes and results will be valid for 24 hours at time of test. What are the uses of ART? ART is commonly used to diagnose respiratory pathogens, […]

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