Backdrops design ideas for Weddings

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Floral and Lace

Backdrops are an essential element that highlights the event’s decor and are a great way to complement the event theme.

Floral with Frame

What is a Backdrop?

A backdrop is a background setup that provides you with the perfect frame and instagram-worthy pictures for the two of you. They are usually made from hanging creative and colourful designs on the wall or structure to enliven your event.

DIY Balloon

D.I.Y Backdrops you can do at home!

Easily customize and personalize your backdrop for an amazing and creative touch to your events! Here are a few simple designs you can do at home.

Paper flower backdrops

Creatively arranging tissue paper flowers of different sizes and colours to form an abundance of colour for your altar.

Paper Honeycomb

Honeycomb globes

A great option for small spaces and used for other celebrations or all year round. Affixing them against a white wall creates a 3D effect.

Balloon Backdrop

Balloon Backdrop

This may be a substantial amount of work, cutting the balloon strings to various lengths and tie them to weights, creating a cost-effective way to perk up any setting.

Fence Backdrop

Professional Backdrops

Want something more flamboyant? Check out these designs created by professionals to suit your theme and venues.

Faux Floral

Faux Floral Backdrops

These elegant and bright backdrops brings a touch of life to any venue you choose. See how the ambience is enhanced with a dash of greenery and multi-coloured flowers!

Fairy Light Backdrop

Fairy Light Backdrop

Looking for something magical and enchanted? Look no further as fairy lights transform any venue to an extraordinary fairytale story!

Pure Meshed Backdrop

Meshed Backdrop

Meshed cloths and ribbons with tassels and faux flowers, these backdrops make your theme feel clean and graceful! Lighter notes are used to create a fresh and simple design.

Wedding Backdrop pink

Seek professionals like us for any extravagant and enchanting backdrops. It gives definition to spaces, incorporates your theme and enliven events! We will try within our best efforts to realise your dream event with our backdrops!

For backdrop rental for wedding decoration services, please take a look at our pages. We have affordable rates that won’t break the bank and great services.


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