How to have a wedding during the covid pandemic.

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In lieu of the current pandemic situation, Singapore has faced many challenges in regards to weddings and celebrations. Fret not! Singaporeans have countless ideas to get onboard this situation. Throughout this pandemic, Tentage Rental Singapore has played a big part in actualizing the expectations of fellow locals with our services and furnishes.

Overhead ceiling fairy light wedding

Here are a few examples of events, celebrations and weddings we have launched throughout this pandemic:

Fairy light wedding rental

One of our client hosted their wedding in a hotel. We helped to enhance the ambience by providing fairy lights! One of the most versatile decorations, fairy lights can be hung, adhere to, laid down and more. Our tiffany chairs are a perfect match to the classy and elegant elements of the fairy lights.

Wedding table rentals

Most hotel standards are paired with round tables which portrays a sleek and professional outlook and convey the setting of a ‘grand’ wedding.
Amongst the pandemic, why not try create a familiar sense during your wedding? Invite only close friends and families. Try changing to joining rectangle tables to achieve intimate ambience.

Table and chair rental for weddings

It’s time to create your very own unique wedding masterpiece. With so many ideas you can get from online sources, its easy to adapt portions of what you like to your own special day.

Wedding venues

First thing on the list, choose your venues. Select a suitable venue where your wedding will be held, whether it is indoors or outdoors, make sure there is fun! Some of the popular locations include Fort canning park, Hort park. These places have an abundance of greenery and are great places to have an memorable event.

fairy light outdoor wedding

– Outdoor venue, We will recommend renting tentage or an air-con tent to shelter your guest from rain or shine. Tent weddings are just uniquely different and often more exquisite! They are cheaper than renting a hotel venue and they offer the same exquisite ambience and is often a preferred choice for a wedding that is out of the norm.

Hotel weddings

– Indoor venue, unlike outgoing folks, most local are still comfortable with indoor weddings at hotels, restaurants, etc. These venues can be perked up with backdrops and arches as focal points. These can be used instead of a stage and will definitely look good in your photographs.
Our backdrops and arches can be customised according to how you like it as well. We have a large selection of faux flowers and types of backdrop for your choice.

Wedding arch rentals

After you have chosen your venue, it is time to look for vendor and their availability. Please do your plannings in advance to ensure your decorations are available and ample time for set up.

faux flower wedding rentals

At Tentage Rental Singapore, we have a few types of arch designs to choose from. Circular arches, Backdrops, Fairy lights in hand with faux flowers and mesh cloth.

Depending on your theme or focal point, choose between round or rectangle tables. We provide a variety of table cloth colours as well.

Table cloth colours

Do take note when planning for your wonderous day, you’ll have to ensure the safety of your guest and your self as well. Please seek advice from your venue’s management or vendors on the safety regulations to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable day for your guest.

Wedding rental Singapore

Tentage Rental Singapore, will continue to provide our services up to expectations with our best efforts! Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!
Please be reminded that although we have wedding equipment for rentals but we are not wedding planners.

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