Maintaining your Portable Tent

During this Circuit breaker and COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore. One of the hottest product that has been flying off the shelf is our portable gazebo tents. Normally only seen at parties, BBQ events. This tent has become one of the hot favourite for companies that require to setup a temperature taking booth to separate the well from the unwell. The tent is light, portable and has a multitude of functionality. If you are one of these companies that have purchased from us. Here are some ways you can maintain your portable tent so that it can last long way beyond this COVID-19 period.

Ensure canvas does not waterlog

the reason why the shape of our tent is pointy at the top is to ensure that there are no flat surfaces for the water to waterlog. Tents that accumulate large amounts of water over time will stress the canvas and cause tears, or even stretching of the fabric. It is essential that the canvas is checked after every heavy downpour at all sides to ensure that the velcro is taut and securely fastened at all sides so that it maintains the curved shape to prevent water buildup.

Securing the base of the tent

3m x 4.5m temperature taking tent

3m x 4.5m temperature taking tent

Because of the lightweight build of the tent, it is highly recommended to add weights at the base of the tent. During strong winds, the canvas can act like a kite and even lift off the entire tent. Our water weights can be rented to be installed at the base of the tent. The water weights act as a strong counter weight against the elements, and looks sleek unlike adding a mere cinderblock or makeshift counter weight. After using the tent, the water can be dumped from the weights and be easily transported with ease.

Keep the tent when not in use

Although our canvas used is a higher grade 1080D oxford cloth, it is still considered a fairly light duty material. Keeping this material under constant sun and rain will definitely deteriorate the cloth and in the long run, cause the waterproof layer to flake off or spoil. Luckily, this canvas can be easily replaced and can also be purchased from us for $100.


All in all, the portable tent is a great addition that can be used in many situations even outside of the COVID-19 pandemic. The tents can also be fitted with lights, fans and side covers to ensure that the patrons within stay dry even during rainy seasons. Ensuring that you maintain your canvas is key to having a long lasting product. If you would like to find out more or purchase the tents. They are available in different colours and sizes.
We have 3m x 3m, 3m x 4.5m and 3m x 6m and in 3 different colours: Red, Blue and White.

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