Using Portable Tents as for temperature taking station

In Singapore, COVID-19 has affected the way we live and work. Singapore is currently in our Circuit-breaker period where majority of Singaporeans are working at home. Although this circuit breaker is only temporary and should be lifted in June. Many businesses and employers must still take responsibility and uphold important measures to prevent an additional outbreak within our community. Whether is it enforcing temperature taking or work from home measures, these measures are essential if we want to eradicate this virus from our community permanently.

Measures businesses and employers can take

Work from home

Although this might seem unbearable for long duration, work from home is actually one of the most effective means in preventing the transfer of the virus. Working from home cuts down on the contact we have with others and thus reducing the chance of transmission even if you are infected. As such, ample framework needs to be upheld when it comes to work from home. Whether be it the IT intranet infrastructure or even meeting with clients.

Measures at work

When working in a community, working at your workplace is still the most effective means to collaborate and get work done. As such, the use of measures such as temperature taking stations to segregate the well from the unwell are essential. Companies can set up temporary portable gazebo tents to facilitate this. Many companies such as Safra, Singtel, Maplebear childcare and many other companies have turned to us to provide them with an affordable and easy solution with our portable tents.

Portable gazebo tent

Our gazebo tent comes in 3 different sizes: 3m x 3m, 3m x 4.5m and 3m x 6m.

the tents can also be fitted with side canvas to prevent rain from entering the tent from the 4 sides. They can also be fitted with our equipment such as industrial standing fans & air coolers, tables and chairs to facilitate the use of the station. If you need electricity, we also have long industrial cables that we can extend to the tent.

If you find anyone with any abnormalities in their temperature, you can also use these tents to setup quarantine tents for them to reside until an ambulance or medical team arrives.

The tents are extremely portable and only require 1-2 pax to move about or to setup. Setup time depends on familiarity of the person but will usually take only 10-15 minutes.

Our tents can either be bought or rented at affordable rates along with other equipment that you may need. The tents can also be joined to form a larger tent using our rain gutters.

2020 at a glance

Many sectors and businesses will definitely be affected in 2020 but we must all do our part to ensure that our work spaces and recreation spaces are safe for all employees and users.

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