Choosing Between Aircoolers and Fans

If you are living in a tropical country like Singapore where the only seasons are hot, rain, hotter or downpour, cooling solutions such as air cons, air coolers or standing fans are an essential item to your event especially if it is held during the day.
One of the most repeated question I get on a regular basis when it comes to renting industrial fans or air coolers are the main difference and if it is worth your while to get an air cooler. We’ll explore the two options and hopefully get you a clearer picture on which to select for your event. Before we dive down into the comparism, it is important to understand how we can quantity the amount of airflow between the products.

Measurement of airflow for aircon and fans

For Aircondition systems, a common measurement of the strength of the aircon is usually in either Horsepower or BTU. For example, a normal household aircon is usually between 3-5horsepower or 12000-14000 BTU. for event spaces aircon is usually seen in airconditioned tentages, where it requires a sealed environment.

Fans however, use the unit of measurement of m3/h or CFM. A standard household fan such as a panasonic 16inch fan  is usually rated at 2225m3/h. That is decent in a house setting and should be able to cool you down usually. As you increase the amount of inches in the diameter of the blades, this number exponentially increases. This is why large ceiling fans are always the most powerful and the most preferred in a large room.

panasonic 16 inch fan

Industrial standing fans

industrial standing fan

If your household fan is like a regular toyota 1.6litre engine. The industrial fan is like a V8 turbo charged ferrari. While its not on the same terms, its similar in terms of the power. Because of the large 26″ blades, our industrial fans usually push out 7000m3/h of air flow. This is almost 3 times the power thanks to the industrial grade motor as well as the larger blades. This however has its drawbacks as it tends to be about 30% louder than your household fans. This is why industrial fans are only used in an outdoor or event setting. Industrial fans are also able to provide ample wind coverage over a longer range as compared to normal fans.

Air Coolers15000m3/h air cooler

Just like standing fans, Air coolers comes in different sizes. The penalty that comes with the size is usually the weight as well as the power consumption of each unit. Where normal fans consume about 200w of power, air coolers can draw anywhere from 300w-1000w for a single unit. This is because it has to run both the fan as well as the water pump and other components needed to cool the air that passes through the system.

Our aircoolers come in either 10000m3/h or 15000m3/h. These numbers alone are already about 30% higher than our industrial fans. However, the key feature of these aircoolers are that it uses water that you can add to cool the temperature of the air flowing through the unit. Depending on the temperature of water used, you can lower the output of air by 3°-6°. Thats a big difference especially when you take into account Singapore’s average temperature which is 31°.

That said, air coolers are more expensive when compared to the standing fans. However, if the comfort of your guests and yourself is of out most importance and if you don’t want aircon, Air coolers are still the best way to go in order to provide a comfortable experience for your event.

Tentage Rental Singapore provides affordable air cooling solutions for both long and short term events. To find out more about our fan rental. Please check out our fan rental page where you can rent both industrial standing fans and air coolers.

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