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Transaparent Canvas

Wedding tentages…are they really necessary and suitable? Wedding venues in Singapore have been getting more expensive by the year, with almost each year increasing 10% consistently throughout the last 5 years. What used to be a joyous occasion can be a stressful period especially if the couple needs a venue for over 200pax; this can add up to more than 30k depending on which venue you choose. Whats more, most wedding venues have its disadvantages whether be it pillars blocking the view, the type of food the hotel it caters and the location in general. Is there any other alternatives to hold a joyous occasion besides hotels and restaurants?

Tentages has been widely associated with funerals, pasar malam or grassroots events,However, they can much more versatile than that. There are more and more couples opting for wedding tentages due to the flexibility it brings about and the affordable cost compared to restaurants and hotels. In this article, we will go through the steps and also help you with the budgeting aspect of holding a reception using tents.


Choosing the time of your reception is probably the most critical question, and it can vastly affect the selection of tent available for your reception. Choose a lunch timing and you will be limited to aircon tents due to the heat during the day, choose dinner receptions and your selection just increased to Transparent tent with fairy lights. In most cases, we will definitely recommend dinner settings as the mood will be more relaxed and you won’t have to worry so much about the heat during the day.

Type of tent

 The largest obstacle of any wedding venue will always be the right size and the shape of the tent. Most venues have an odd shape for their halls and if you have too little guests, your venue can look way too large with a feeling of emptiness. For tentages, you can easily customise the tent to your desired size. Whats more, our tentages can be customised such that there are no pillars in the middle which makes for unobstructed view.

unobstructed view all the way

Deciding on the Size of the tent

the maximum pax you can invite is always determined by the venue’s size, most hotels and restaurants have a minimum and maximum pax which they need to observe depending on which hall you use. have 100 pax or lower and it is likely you’ll get one of the smaller banquet sizes at the top floor where the shape of the room is really awkward. Invite too many people and their hall will not be able to squeeze the amount of people you invited. Its a balancing act that you do not need to observe with tentages. You can easily customise the size of tent by the length and breadth. However, you do have to take note of the venue constrains. Some of the more popular wedding locations such as hort park or fort canning park has a size limitation so do take note for that. You can also approach Nparks for more information of the sizing available. For dinner banquets, we always abide by the 15-20 square feet per pax. If you have 200 pax, that means 4000 square feet. While you can go smaller in order to save money, it really depends on the theme and feel you are trying to achieve. 


Accessories for the tent is what really brings the look of the tent to a whole new level. For weddings, you usually have two different options. Air conditioned route and the normal fan and air coolers. While Air con tents are much more expensive, its definitely a more comfortable option especially if your theme is formal and everyone is wearing dresses and suits. For Air con tents, you usually are looking to spend about 12k-14k for the tent. This high cost is due to the large generator and the rental of air con systems. If you are looking for a normal tentage, you will be looking at about 5k-8k depending on the other accessories.


For this you have 2 different choices: Transparent canvas or white canvas. While white canvas is more traditional, it is definitely a necessity if you are holding a reception during the day. Transparent canvas will trap heat, causing a greenhouse effect.

Transaparent Canvas

Transaparent Canvas A shape tents

Pillar wraps

If you are opting for a white tent, pillar wraps and inner lining is a definite must. It hides the metal galvanized poles, pillars and wiring with a beautiful white cloth throughout the whole tent. Having this option elevates the feel of the tent, making it look more premium. If you are opting for a transparent tent, you won’t need this option as you can use fairy lights to mask the pillars.

Flooring and carpeting

Flooring is a definite must for Wedding events, even if the tent is held on concrete ground. If it rains, the water will still seep in and will make your guests wet. Flooring prevents that by elevating the surface by up to 1 inch. For carpeting, you have the option of either grass carpet or normal carpeting. There are a wide selection of colours that is sure to fit your needs. 

Grass carpet

Grass carpet

Cooling solutions

While Aircon systems are definitely the favoured solution for cooling your guests down, it is much more expensive due to the large generator capacity needed as well as the aircon systems itself. Alternatively, you can opt for air coolers as well as ceiling fans. Air coolers work by using water to cool down the wind that it blows out. While the effectiveness is not on par with air con systems, it can still provide adequate cooling for your guests.


Chairs and tables

This goes without saying. You will require tables and chairs to seat your guests. We also have a wide range of tables and chairs for rental that are fit for wedding use. However, do note we do not have items such as table runners or centerpieces. These items can be obtained from your caterer.



In summary, The use of tentages for wedding is becoming a trend due to the uniqueness and flexibility you can achieve. They also cost much lower than venues but they require a little more planning as you will need to get your own catering and venue booking. From our experience, you can stand to save more than 5k-10k when compared to a wedding reception at a 4 star/5star equivalent location. If you would like to know more about how to get started you can contact us directly

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