COVID-19 has changed many aspects of Singaporeans’ lives. Whether is it planning for a family, going out for events, having a simple meal in a group or even planning a solemnization or wedding reception. With the current restrictions in place allowing maximum of 100pax with Pre-event testing required, many fellow locals have decided to postpone or cancel their crucial milestone. However there are solutions that need little compromise. We hope to share with you what Many others are doing in Singapore with Micro Weddings.

Overhead Fairy Lights Dinner Wedding

Micro-Wedding receptions

Trending worldwide and its significant popularity increase, are Micro weddings. They tend to be smaller in size and therefore, more room to decorate and increase the event’s intimacy. Humbled by the pandemic, This is currently the route that most couples are taking to get around the legislative laws required for larger events.

A micro wedding is a small wedding consisting of 50 people or less. The lesser people you invite, the more intimate the event can be. You can make it an exhilaratingly personal event by inviting 20 to 40 people, or you can have a ‘VIP-only’ guest list of 10 loved ones. Given the limited guest list, micro weddings are often hosted at an intimate venue. We will share some possible venue locations below and how you can make your reception one to remember.


Wedding on Floating Platform

gazebo tent with inner lining for an intimate affair

HortPark Micro Wedding with wedding arch

Here are some suggestions to hosting a superb micro wedding:

    • Choose a venue with a strict guest capacity. This can take the pressure off you feeling guility about inviting your extended circle of friends. There are many venue locations which only allow up to 30 pax – 50 pax due to fire safety reasons or even due to COVID-19 restrictions. As the laws are changing all the time, it is best to check with the venue owners themselves on the latest rules and regulations.

Outdoor solemnization using wedding arches and tiffany chairs

    • With a limited guest list, you raise the curtain on your wedding venue options. Think outside of the box for your intimate location; Exchange vows inside a stunning greenhouse, invite your guests to a well decorated tentage. The venue could also be the the place you met your loved one, got engaged, said “I love you,” or dined at for many date nights. One effective way to narrow the search is to think about your relationship. The options are endless!

Tent wedding

Most normal weddings only involve a select few guests such as the couple’s parents, siblings or closest friends. However, if you’re having a micro wedding, depending on the size, you can have them stand and encircle you as you exchange your vows, seat them at one big table at the wedding reception, or have everyone attend the rehearsal dinner. There’s nothing more fulfilling than having the people close to your heart near you and giving them your attention.
Solemnization at the Beach

    • Infuse your love story into your décor. Perhaps there’s a plot of grass or park you used to play when you are younger that can be transformed into a modest yet alluring space with exaggerated florals. A backyard/beach where you noticed your partner can be comfortably converted into an exclusive solemnization with fairy lights and rustic backdrops. We provide AV equipment to live stream the fascinating event for those who are unable to attend as well. Since micro weddings are smaller and significantly cheaper, successively you can make a bigger investment into the decorations. Wedding Decorations are one of the backbone of any event. Get it right and you will leave a lasting memory in everyone’s minds. Whether it is surrounding the venue in a beautiful concoction of Fairy lights, A wedding arch to focus the attention at the altar or even getting creative with seating arrangements, long estate table to seat all your guests making everyone feel like family!



Projector Outdoor Tent Wedding



Consider detailing spaces. Create an ambiance stunning enough with simple decors.

From long tables to matching chairs to fairy lights to florals. Key to a stress-free micro wedding is to get all your décor covered. Look for furniture vendors that provide fairy lights or vice versa. Tentages and backdrops are also a great way to exchange your vows which resembles a mini chapel without the budget!

Intimate Wedding

At Tentage Rental Singapore, We are here to help you on this chaotic journey and help you organize your event. While hotel managers can help you on majority of the planning, When organising a Micro-wedding, you are at the helm. We are here to take your mind of the equipment rental which you might need for your special day. Whether it is Tentages with aircon, Wedding arches or a even a fairy light ensemble.

Contact us for more information and we will help guide you through this once in a lifetime event.


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